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Elton John Will Stop Touring After 300 More Shows

January 24, 2018

When Elton John performs this Sunday at the Grammys alongside Miley Cyrus, it will be one of the final times the music legend will perform live.Or, at least, one of the 301 final times hell perform anyway.John hosted a New York City press conference where he announced he would retire from touring, but only after another 300 shows over the next three years. Its anticipated that Elton John tickets during this extended farewell will be among the most sought-after in recent memory.During the event, media members were handed virtual reality devices and were treated to retro Elton John performances, before the legend took the stage to perform a live rendition of his classic Tiny Dancer.

My priorities have changed. My priorities are my children, my husband and my family, he said. I thought the time was right to say thank you to all my fans around the world globally and then just say goodbye and have a breather. Its not to say Im not going to be creative anymore.

As Andy Gill of The Independent pointed out, its the second time Elton has declared hes finished with touring:Its not the first time Eltons quit the stage. In 1977, perhaps disconcerted by the punk revolution, he announced he was retiring from performance. Back then, he was in a bad place generally: bulimic and addicted to cocaine, he also stopped writing songs with Bernie Taupin, and it was not until the pair reunited, and Elton built bridges with his abandoned band, that his fortunes began to get back on track.In New York, John did make sure to point out that he will continue to make records, and isnt necessarily retiring from the stage altogether. He clarified, saying it would have to be a residency type scenario, one which would keep him in one place rather than traveling around.Through the years, Elton has battled through it all in order to take the stage. From having throat surgery to having a pacemaker installed, Elton always went back to performing because perhaps, its what kept him healthiest in the end.

After 300 more, its time for the legend to rest at last. Grab Elton John Tickets and catch one of his performances in Las Vegas while his new Tour arrives!

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