The roar of the crowd. The bright lights. The thrill of a touchdown and the camaraderie after a win. While many football-loving Americans love watching the big game on the big screen or tossing around the pigskin in the yard, some fortunate fans make it to the stadium in person to cheer on their favorite teams.

In the spirit of tradition-steeped football fandom, we wanted to know more about these stadium visits: How often do fans make it to games, and who do they attend with? Which stadium foods do they snack on? Do they wear team colors, tailgate in the parking lot, or boo the other team? To get the details, we surveyed 1,000 football fans who've attended at least one NFL game. Here's what we found out.

We also chatted with a few diehard fans at recent games to hear firsthand why they love the game so much. They shared their favorite family football traditions, talked about why they love their home teams, and showcased some pretty amazing team pride – ever seen someone wearing a bacon costume over a Seahawks jersey? Neither had we! Meet these avid football fans below.

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