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Top 10 Valentines Day Concert Tickets in 2018

February 13, 2018

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift tickets are the ultimate grand gesturethe biggest tour of 2018 will take place in stadiums across North America.Sure, over the years Taylor has gone through plenty of breakups, and has no problem singing about them, but shes made some classic pop love songs as well. That means The Reputation Tour is perfect for those in love or with a broken heart.

Billy Joel

A Billy Joel concert has been a place to take a date since the 1960s. One of the most prolific singer-songwriters ever, and one of the busiest touring acts in the world, Billy Joel is a guaranteed good time. The Rock N Roll Hall of Famer has only made two new songs since 1993, but that doesnt matterhis catalogue is so deep and expansive that every concert can be fairly unique.Lots of Billy Joel songs are love songs to New York, but few people can make a ballad about a lover like him.


Fresh off her beautiful rendition of the National Anthem at this years Super Bowl, Pink hits the road for another tour. Its incredible to think of how much Pink has accomplished over her career, including three Grammys, 40 million album sales and over 50 million singles sold as well. Shes reached the point in her career when shes receiving lifetime achievement and legacy awards, but shes also far from done pumping out hit singles.Pink has made plenty of tortured love songs through the years, but none better than Just Give Me a Reason:

Thomas Rhett

If youre a fan of country music, theres no better show to take your date to than a Thomas Rhett concert. Rhett has helped shift the trend in country music away from bro country back to a simpler brand popularized by George Straitgentlemanly country. Hes truly found his lane as a country ballad singer, which all began with his smash hit Die A Happy Man, which spent many weeks atop the Hot Country charts.

Maroon 5

I dont know about you, but when Songs About Jane came out, it was the best date music going. Maroon 5 has enjoyed tremendous longevity and popularity with both men and women. Adam Lavine is a talented musician with impressive vocal range, and a knack for cheerful love songs. But as many hits as hes penned, on Valentines Day, it doesnt get any better than old school Marron 5.


Nobody in R&B today has carved out a better reputation as the Slow Jam Guys than Drakes buddies dvsn. Toronto has become an R&B hotbed, and has driven the direction of the genre in many ways over the past three years. Both Sept. 5th and Morning After are some of the best music the genre has seen this decade, and as weve seen in the past, if you have vocal power, you can have staying power as a touring artist. Dvsn tickets are particularly popular in Toronto, but the duo is bringing the sexy vibes across North America this year.

Elton John

After his announcement that this will be his final leg of touring, Elton John tickets are in greater demand than ever before. If you take your Valentines Day date to an Elton John concert now, youre sharing in a special moment, witnessing one of the final times an all-time great performer takes the stage.Elton John shows will give you a little bit of everythingsongs to dance to, songs to make you reminisce, but most importantly for this time of year, love songs. And is there a better love song than Your Song? Its debateable.

The Eagles

Its trendy to say I hate The Eagles, but the reality is, a whole lot of people love them. And when I say that I mean more people love them than almost any musical artist ever. The Eagles have one of the best-selling albums of all-time, and are pioneers in the live event industry.When you buy Eagles tickets, you know youre getting 2+ hours of pure smash hits.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is back after a decade-plus long absence from not only the music industry, but the public eye. Its quite possible that if there were no Shania, there would have never been a Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris or any other country-pop crossover. The reality is that by the time her first album hit the airwaves, shed already outgrown the country landscape, and was a full-blown pop superstarone of the best-selling female artists of all-time.Shania will have songs for the anti-Valentines Day crowd (Whos Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, Man! I Feel Like A Woman), but plenty of classic love songs as well:

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has basically ensured that his will be the final song played at every prom and wedding for the rest of eternity with his smash hit Perfect. Rumors are that Ed might be the one tapped to play at the Royal wedding. So if an Ed Sheeran concert is good enough for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, its good enough for you and your date:
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