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Top 5 Vegas Residences to Look for in 2019

March 14, 2019

In previous decades, if a musician made it to legendary venues such as the Apollo Theatre or Carnegie Hall, it could be said that they had made it. While they are still symbols of musical success, theres another place that crowns artists as legends once they get there: Las Vegas.

Several iconic musicians have started new chapters in their careers by headlining Las Vegas residency shows. They tend to be more established artists who have achieved the highest accolades possible, but there are some younger ones on the Vegas circuit as well.  

With that said, were going to highlight five Las Vegas residencies that music lovers should consider attending.

Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild

Venue: Park Theater at Park MGM

Aerosmith Tickets

How many bands have earned the accolades, released the catalog, and maintained the longevity that Aerosmith has? Very, very few. With decades of performing under their belt, Aerosmith is as exciting as ever and the band shows no signs of slowing down at the moment. With that said, their Las Vegas residence will soon be in full swing with all five members hitting the stage.

To make the show even more worthwhile, its been announced that Aerosmith will feature never-seen-before visuals and audio from their legendary recording sessions. With a mix of their timeless classics and new offerings, Aerosmith fans who decide to attend their Las Vegas residency will be in for a memorable treat.

Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life

Venue: Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood

Backstreet Boys Tickets

The Backstreet Boys still have the voices, the moves, and the charm they possessed when they hit the scene over 25 years ago. It comes as no surprise that their Las Vegas residency has become one of the fastest-selling so far. Theyve enthralled fans not only because of their name but also because of the show itself.

Larger Than Life features some of the bands most engaging video technology, dazzling choreography, and thrilling special FX. The Backstreet Boys may no longer be boys, but they certainly havent allowed maturity to sap the youthful vibrancy of their heyday.

Cher: Classic Cher

Venue: Park Theater at The Park Las Vegas

Cher Tickets

At the age of 72, Cher belts, dances, and tours with the energy of a performer whos just 27. Shes enjoyed a career spanning five decades, has dabbled in multiple mediums (music, film, T.V.) and won an impressive range of awards (Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globes).

Shes no stranger to Las Vegas and will return to the city in the spring where shell deliver yet another extravaganza of indelible hits and flamboyant costumes. And not everything will be a throwback - Cher will delight fans with songs from her latest album, Dancing Queen.

Celine Dion

Venue: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Celine Dion Tickets

It may come as no surprise that Celine Dion is featured on this list considering her 15-year tenure in Las Vegas. But this year is special (and a bit sad) - Celine Dions Las Vegas residency will come to an end in June 2019. The message is clear that fans of the legendary songstress who havent seen her in Vegas yet, need to see her in 2019.

Celion Dion will belt the laundry list of greatest hits and covers that fans worldwide have come to adore. So once again, it cant be stressed enough to get those Celine tickets because the curtains will fall this year, once and for all.

Lady Gaga: Enigma + Jazz Piano

Venue: Park Theater at Park MGM

Lady Gaga Tickets

In the span of a decade, Lady Gaga has become one of the best-selling musicians of all time, won six Grammies, and launched a well-received acting career. Shes done all of that at by age 32. As if her overachieving ways arent enough, the innovative singer/songwriter/producer/pop icon will dominate the stage once again at her Las Vegas residency in 2019.

Her residency consists of two shows, the first being the Lady Gaga Enigma portion and the second being the Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano portion. Enigma will feature her greatest hit songs, while Jazz & Piano will feature stripped-down versions of her hit songs along with covers of more popular 20th century American and jazz songs.

What Happens in Vegas, are Iconic Shows in Vegas

For those who are looking for an exciting getaway or a break from their usual outings, we recommend attending one of the five Las Vegas residencies mentioned above.

These shows will give the most dedicated fans an opportunity to see the greatness of their favorite artists. There will be moments to celebrate the visionaries who got them through turmoils, lifted their spirits, and fuelled long nights of dancing and sing-a-longs.

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