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The Ultimate Hamilton Glossary for the Tony-Winning Broadway Musical

June 23, 2016 by Amy

Hamilton Glossary

It may seem like the musical Hamilton has been around for years, but we’re still weeks away from the one-year anniversary of its Richard Rodgers Theatre Broadway debut.

In that time, Hamilton’s reach on social media has grown extensively, particularly on Twitter, where the musical has spawned many a hashtag (most of which have made the leap into every day conversation, too).

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what “Ham4Ham” means, or want to know what “HamArt” looks like, this is the Hamilton hashtag guide for you.

Note: Inevitably, new Hamilton-related hashtags and phrases pop up every day, so this is our best attempt at cataloging many of the most commonly seen across the internet. Enjoy!


Glossary for Hamilton the Musical


Jump to an Entry: #EduHam | #HamArt | #Ham4Ham | #Ham4Hamorama | #Hamilcake | #Hamilgrads | #Hamilkids | #HamiltonLottery | #HamiltonPrize | #HamOfThrones | #Ham4Pamphlet | #Ham360 | #Ham4Tonys | #Hamiltix | #Hamiltome | #Hamiltunes | #Javilton | #ParksAndHam | #YayHamlet



Launched in April 2016, #EduHam refers to a program that provides high school students from New York City schools the chance to attend Hamilton matinees on Wednesdays for just $10. In addition to taking in the performance, students also prepare music of all types in advance of the show, and then have the opportunity to present their material to the cast in person.

Watch: NPR’s “Hamilton: A Story of Us”


While anyone is free to tag posts with the hashtag, #HamArt, a select number of submissions regularly get a nod from the official Hamilton Twitter account and often various cast members as well.

From sketches to paintings, doodles, paper dolls, chemistry experiments, cookies, and plenty more, #HamArt truly comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and a quick search of the hashtag across social media reveals a delightful collection of Hamilton-inspired creations.



Arguably the most prevalent Hamilton reference, #Ham4Ham essentially refers to two things: the ticket lottery (which has its own hashtag further down in the glossary) and the weekly live appearances that spawned in its wake.

In regards to the lottery, “Ham4Ham” means a handful of lucky fans will have the chance to purchase front row Hamilton tickets for $10 (the bill Alexander Hamilton is on).

Dating back to July 13, 2015 - the day of Hamilton’s first Broadway preview and lottery which drew hundreds of fans to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in the hopes of securing tickets - Ham4Ham came to life in the form of an appearance by Lin-Manuel Miranda (brief snippet in the video below). From there, the weekly tradition was born.



Miranda is typically accompanied by special guests for the Wednesday live Ham4Hams, and themes often include something relevant for the day or past week, such as an appearance by JJ Abrams on May the Fourth:



It wasn’t long before a digital Ham4Ham was launched as well, which offers Hamilton fans a more behind-the-scenes experience, or in the case of the video below, an unexpected “Glee” reunion:



Combining “Ham4Ham” and the word panorama, this hashtag is typically used in conjunction with a panoramic shot of Ham4Ham crowds.


Many have taken their shot at Hamilton-inspired desserts, but this Lin-Manuel Miranda-approved creation definitely takes the cake (pun intended):


What better way to show your Hamilton fandom than via graduation caps?


The educational impact of the musical Hamilton is perhaps one of its finest achievements, and its influence continues to be documented through the various creations, quotes, and raps from #Hamilkids around the world.


Referenced earlier under the #Ham4Ham entry, the #HamiltonLottery offers fans the chance to win front row seats for just $10. It is notoriously difficult to win, to say the least.


This hashtag originated from the below Twitter announcement from Wesleyan University:


In the first of two great theater and TV mergers, fans of both Hamilton and Game of Thrones take stabs at mashing up quotes and images from the pop culture powerhouses.


Separate from #HamArt, this stunning collection of illustrations for Hamilton’s 46 tracks earned a hashtag of its very own. View the full project here.


This hashtag first appeared in reference to “Hamilton: An American Musical 360,” released ahead of the Tony Awards, though it may ultimately live on through live #Ham4Hams, like the one below in which King George III the Fourth, Rory O’Malley, takes over the #Ham4Ham throne from Lin-Manuel Miranda.


One of the more obvious entries, #Ham4Tonys made it easy for fans to keep tabs on all the latest Hamilton Tony Awards news before, during, and after the June 12 telecast.


Most often used in that joyous moment when elusive #Hamiltix have indeed been secured.


#Hamiltome launched in conjunction with the April 2016 release of “Hamilton: The Revolution,” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter.


Available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes, the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton has, not surprisingly, been a hit since its release in Sept. 2015, and a mention of #Hamiltunes has become an unwritten rule whenever said music is mentioned.


On July 9, Lin-Manuel Miranda (and a few other cast members) will say goodbye to the hit musical. And in conjunction with the official announcement, #Javilton was coined in honor of actor Javier Munoz, who will be taking over the lead role.


The adored NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” ended its seven-season run just as Hamilton was making its Off-Broadway debut in Feb. 2015, but like any great series, its characters and quotes continue to live on through gifs, memes, and well, anything else fans can think of.

Such has been the case with #ParksAndHam, which eventually exploded back on Oct. 28, 2015 once Lin-Manuel Miranda got wind of some pretty spectacular submissions from one Twitter user in particular:


Our final hashtag (yes, that says Hamlet, not Hamilton), likely owes its origin to the Lin-Manuel Miranda tweet embedded below, and has since become a commonplace reference for the unstoppable musical.

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