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What to Expect at a Paul Simon Concert from a Vivid Seats Fan Ambassador

April 29, 2016 by Amy

Paul Simon Concert Tips

It’s always good to be prepared, and thanks to Fan Ambassador Bodo from, you'll know just what to expect at a Paul Simon concert before you go. Check out our selection of Paul Simon tickets and see him live at a concert venue near you!

1. Possible Setlist at Paul Simon’s Show

You can expect three songs from his latest album Stranger to Stranger (including “The Werewolf” and “Wristband”), two songs from his 2011 album (including “Dazzling Blue”), a song from You're the One. Then you’ll hear a mix of about 10 hits from his solo career (“You Can Call Me Al” for example) and one or two songs from Rhythm of the Saints.

From the Simon and Garfunkel era, I am pretty sure he will play “Sounds of Silence” and “The Boxer” and one or two more songs (maybe “America,” as this has become very prominent in the last weeks with the Bernie Sanders advertisement).

Personally, I would hope for songs from "The Capeman." Paul recently said in an interview that people are asking for songs from this musical, so he is aware of those requests, but I believe he is not sure if he can reproduce that doo-wop sound without adding another two to three more musicians.

2. Stage Setup

The crowd at most seated concerts is allowed to stand up and walk to the stage for dancing after about one hour or earlier if they demand it. (Don't be shy and don't be angry if people block your view, just stand up and walk to the front early).

3. Audience Interaction

Usually Paul Simon does not talk too much in between songs, so you can expect music for at least 110 minutes. He might say a few funny words if people talk to him from the audience. In the last few years, Paul has become very relaxed on stage in terms of participation with audience members; one fan could come up on the stage and sing a duet with Paul. Another fan at a different show was allowed to come up, play the guitar and sing the whole song “Duncan.”

4. Paul Simon’s Band

The touring band is very consistent, most of them playing with Paul Simon now for 18 years. Bakithi Kumalo has actually played with Paul for 30 years, and Vincent Nguini has played with Paul for 25 years. They are all multi-instrumentalists— Mark Stewart can play the guitar, cello, baritone-saxophone and more. Also, the drummer sometimes has his own guitar solo.

At a Paul Simon concert you can always expect the highest quality of sound and a band that will surprise you with the mass of different instruments they bring with them. In fact, at least 15 different guitars have been counted on stage on the last tour.

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