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Who Analysts Expect To Take Super Bowl 53

November 02, 2018

First Guesses: Who Top Analysts Expect To See At Super Bowl 53

Were currently in Week 4 of the NFL season and before you know it, well all be counting down the days to Super Bowl LIII (53). With that said, the predictions for this seasons Super Bowl contenders are coming in, and theyre starting debates left, right and center. Of course, you probably have your own predictions for Super Bowl 2019, but were going to look at what the analysts, fans, and internet are saying in general.

What SB Nation Says

The folks over at SBNation made their picks last month and they are as follows:
Christian DAndreaPittsburgh Steelers
Charles McDonaldNew England Patriots
Adam StitesNew Orleans Saints
Sarah HardyMinnesota Vikings
Harry Lyles Jr. Atlanta Falcons
Ryan Van BibberJacksonville Jaguars
James BradyAtlanta Falcons
One of SBs contributors who chose the Vikings as the SuperBowl champs gave their reasons for their pick.
  • The Eagles beating the Patriots in Super Bowl LlI gives other teams hope
  • The Vikings are even more equipped than they were when they went 13-3 last year
  • All-star lineup - Case Keenum, Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs plus emerging talent (ie. Laquon Treadwell) and players returning from injuries (ie. Dalvin Cook)
  • Pure hunger from lack of success at the Super Bowl

What Says

Coming straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak, NFL.coms analysts, of course, had their own say when it comes to Super Bowl LIII. The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints received the most votes (5 each) as the prospective Super Bowl LIII champion.

Votes in Favour of the Los Angeles Rams

  • Reggie Bush - Rams over the Steelers. Says a more complete Rams team is too much for Pittsburgh to keep up with.
  • David Carr - Rams over the Patriots. Thinks the Rams will beat the Patriots, saying Sean McVay proceeds to out-scheme Bill Belichick.
  • Steve Mariucci - Rams over the Jaguars. Mentions the Rams as having the edge on offense.
  • Michael Robinson - Rams over Texans. Doesnt quite say who has an edge or advantage, but says the new talent will make for an exciting matchup.
  • Adam Schein - Rams over Chargers. Describes how he thinks the championship will play out - Todd Gurley runs for 159 yards and two touchdowns, Aaron Donald sacks Philip Rivers three times and the Rams win the all-Los Angeles Super Bowl.

Votes in Favour of the New Orleans Saints

  • Gil Brandt - Saints over Patriots. Says the improvement in Saints defense over the years will allow them to outlast the Patriots.
  • Cynthia Frelund - Saints over Chiefs. Doesnt say who has the better chance, but sees this being Drew Brees year where he wins both an MVP and breaks what he calls the MVP-winner-isnt-also-an-SB-winner curse in the same season.
  • Elliot Harrison - Saints over Patriots. Predicts that Brees and a balanced offense will move the ball and control the pace and timing of the game against the Patriots.
  • Kevin Patra - Saints over Jaguars. Says the best defense in the NFL cant keep Drew Brees down all game. Believes Michael Thomas will beat Jalen Ramsey on a quick slant and complete a 17-yard touchdown to give the Saints their second Super Bowl under Brees.
  • Adam Rank - Saints over Chargers. Doesnt say how or why, but brings some lingering confusion regarding questionable draft picks over the last few years.

Keeping Fingers Crossed

Were already in the midst of an action-packed season thatll only grow tenser as the weeks go by. Like us, youre probably going to be glued to your screen as the season ramps up. Well have more in-depth coverage, news and predictions as things unfold, so make sure to stay tuned!

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