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Family Life

  • Her family still calls her Robyn.
  • Has two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad. Also has several half-brothers and half-sisters from her father’s previous relationships.

Rihanna told Oprah that she’ll often send her mother, Monica (pictured below), gifts, but that her mom will send them back because she researched the price and thinks it’s too expensive. One gift that was likely not easily returned was a five-bedroom house in Barbados, which Rihanna revealed she had purchased also during an episode of Oprah.


Rihanna has had many ups and downs with her father, Ronald Fenty. Rihanna admitted to Oprah that he used to be physically abusive to her mother. They ultimately divorced when Rihanna was 14 years old. Ronald struggled with addictions to alcohol and cocaine when Rihanna was a child and she even once walked in on her father using drugs. Rihanna has gone through periods of time when she refused to speak to her father, especially after he sold information to the press about after her incident with Chris Brown, but the two have since reconciled the relationship.

Random Fun Facts

Rihanna takes a shot before every show, she revealed to Esquire in 2011. She also said that she prefers dark liquor, but when necessary, switches to vodka on occasion. She still has not found time to get her U.S. driver's license. A past tour rider leaked on The Smoking Gun, revealing her unique list of requirements before a show. As a child, Rihanna won beauty pageants and at Combermere High School, she won a talent show for her rendition of Mariah Carey's "Hero."

Rihanna's Dark Side

While most of her wildy popular hits are suitable for radio, one of the more risqué tracks came in the form of the 2011 single, "S&M." She received harsh criticism for the video, and it was banned in over 11 countries. YouTube even includes a content warning and consent before the video can be viewed. At the time, Rihanna told Extra that it was her favorite video she’s ever made and later tweeted to a fan, “They watched Umbrella… I was full nude,” in defense of her video. That same year, her video for “Man Down” caused quite a controversy as well and led to an outcry from the Parents Television Council.

Rihanna’s highly publicized relationship with Chris Brown has been very controversial through the years. The nature of the infamous February 2009 incident led many to believe that would be it for the two, but after spending years apart, a friendship and possible romance appeared to have resurfaced. Though it does not appear that they are in fact an item as of June 2013, both Rihanna and Brown have expressed in separate interviews that there will always be feelings of love between them.

Rihanna's Tattoos

Fan site, Rihanna Daily, has compiled images of the singer's many tattoos, with a list of the breakdown below.

  • Pisces sign behind her ear
  • Had music notes on her ankle, but later covered them with an Egyptian falcon
  • Sanskrit that is supposedly misspelled on her right hip
  • Star inside her ear
  • “Freedom in God” written in Arabic on her rib cage
  • Stars down the back of her neck/back
Rihanna Tattoo
  • Skull and bones with a bow on her ankle
  • “Love” on her middle finger
  • “Shhh…” on her index finger
  • Has the date of her best friend's birthday, 4/11/1986, in Roman numerals on her shoulder
  • Tribal tattoo on her right hand
Rihanna Tattoo 2
  • Small gun on her rib cage
  • “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson,” written in reverse on her right shoulder
  • “Rebelle Fleur” or "Rebel Flower" on her neck
  • “Thug Life” tattooed in pink on her knuckles
  • Small cross on her collarbone
  • Script above her underwear line on her back
  • The Goddess, Isis, on her chest (for her grandmother)

Ambassador for Barbados

In 2012, Rihanna signed a three-year deal to become an official ambassador for her native country of Barbados. The deal was made in an attempt to boost tourism numbers and included photoshoots on the island’s beaches.


A few years earlier, Barbados honored the singer with 'Rihanna Day," which was declared on Feb. 21, 2008. To show her appreciation, she returned to the island and performed a free concert.



Rihanna has seemingly been on the cutting edge of fashion since her arrival in the music world, beginning with her daring hairstyles over the years.


Though she was a self-described "tomboy" in her younger days, since becoming a global sensation,Rihanna has said she’s always loved putting outfits together, but never really dressed up until she got her break.


She designed a collection for the U.K. fashion retailer River Island, which debuted in 2013 at London Fashion Week. Rihanna also designed an edition of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani underwear at one point, and was the executive producer for the U.K. fashion reality show “Styled to Rock,” in which the winner earned the chance to dress her for a concert. The show is expected to launch in the U.S. in 2013. Rihanna also has her own fragrance line that includes “Nude” and “Rebelle.”

Picky Eater

Various interviews over the years have revealed Rihanna to be a "picky eater." In a 2011 story for Esquire, she admitted she’s very stubborn when it comes to food, though once she arrived in America, Jay-Z helped her branch out, making her try things like calamari.


In a 2012 interview with Women’s Fitness, Rihanna said her favorite food at the time was microwave buttered popcorn. TMZ got a hold of the singer's tour rider for the 777 Tour in 2012, which included goodies like Oreos, Capri Suns, cheddar cheese Ruffles, Red Bull, Grey Goose, Flaming Hot Cheetos, stuffed olives, and Golden Grahams.

A 2013 Rolling Stone cover story revealed that Rihanna goes to the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica frequently when she’s home, and usually orders spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried calamari. 

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