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Columbia Concert Ticket Information

See what this premier Midwestern college town has to offer on the live event front with a purchase of Columbia concert tickets from the marketplace. As you browse our options, be sure to check out shows at venues like the Blue Note, which has brought several big-name artists to the city over the years including diverse acts like Willie Nelson, Modest Mouse, and Snoop Dogg. From indie rock shows to celebrity DJ sets, this concert hall is an excellent place for a night of throwing your hands in the air and dancing with fellow fans. For a more relaxed setting, sit back and enjoy a live performance at the Missouri Theatre, which has been hosting events since 1928.

Whether it’s a local Missouri band or best-selling artist, there are many opportunities in Columbia for you to catch a live show you’ll never forget. Upon finding the specific event you’re looking for, press the “Tickets” button to proceed to the next page, where you’ll be able to sort through all of our available listings by price, quantity, section, or row. Our customer service team is available daily by phone at 866.848.8499 or online via Live Chat if you have any questions when purchasing Columbia concert tickets.

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