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When Billy Joel penned this classic, it’s likely that even he didn’t realize how great it would be. Now is the time to purchase your Movin’ Out tickets from Vivid Seats and witness this spectacular Rock Ballet for yourself that way it was meant to be seen: live on Broadway. Check out our Movin’ Out performance dates above, and click the red tickets link that accompanies it to sift through out entire selection of tickets/ Finding the Movin’ Out tickets for you is easy with tools like the price range bar, which limits the search results so that only the tickets within your designated price range appear. When you choose the tickets that are right for you, all you need to do is log into Vivid Seats, or create an account, and fill out the billing and shipping information section. After the purchase is confirmed, we’ll ship out your Movin’ Out concert tickets in time for you to enjoy the show.

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Your security is nothing to joke around about, so we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure you’re always safe. We protect our customers by using three of the best online security companies to stave off any and all web-based threat, 24-hours a day. Customer safety and satisfaction is our main objective, and you can be sure that every Movin’ Out ticket that we sell is 100% authentic, thanks to our internal safeguards.

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To our customers’ satisfaction, we offer flexible shipping options on our tickets. Whether you need to get your tickets shipped express, you’d prefer to print your tickets from home, or you receive them in the mailbox via standard shipping, we assure that your Movin’ Out tickets arrive in time for the show. And that is guaranteed. And let us know if you want your tickets shipped to an alternate address, as we will be ha[[y to accommodate you.

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One of the pillars of our success, and a key distinguishing element from our competition, is our commitment to personalized, timely service. We always have a knowledgeable team member on hand to assist you, whether it’s online with the Live Chat feature, which is located at the top-right of the page, or by phone at 1.866.848.8499. Any way you put it, we will be here to help you secure the Movin’ Out tickets you want.