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2017 Holiday Gift Trends

Study: Women Prefer to Receive Live Event Tickets Over Jewelry as Holiday Gifts

Vivid Seats explores 2017 holiday gift-giving trends It may have been true in 1953 when Marilyn Monroe coined…read more

Most Popular First Concerts

The Beatles May Be Responsible for America's Love of Live Events

Add another bullet point to The Beatles’ already prodigious legacy: The legendary British band may be responsible for many people’s love of live events. In a poll of nearly 1,000 people, Vivid Seats found that The Beatles were the most popular answer to the question, “…read more

College Football vs. NFL

In Some Markets, College Football Rivals the NFL in Popularity

The NFL is a ticket juggernaut, but in some markets, college football teams are rivaling their professional counterparts in popularity. Vivid Seats analyzed September ticket trends in five major markets around the country, comparing September home game ticket prices between NFL, MLB and…read more

Lollapalooza 2017 Attendance

Infographic: Who's Going To Lollapalooza 2017?

For more than 10 years, Lollapalooza has been an integral moment in Chicago's summer festivities. Since it's inception in the mid-90's the festival has featured a wide variety of acts. From new…read more

2017 NFL Pricing Preview

2017 NFL Pricing Preview: Your Guide to Costs & Trends for the Upcoming Season

With just weeks until the kickoff of NFL preseason games, Vivid Seats analyzes ticket sales data that reveals what fans are paying to cheer on their favorite teams. From the average cost per ticket of a Super …read more

2017 Top 10 NFL Matchups

Vivid Seats Releases Top 10 Matchups for 2017 NFL Season

The countdown is on to the start of the NFL season and Vivid Seats has all the 2017 NFL Ticket Pricing information you need. Of the top 10 matchups for regular season games, the Dallas Cowboys are featured in five of the top-selling ga…read more

Top Theater Cities

Vivid Seats Data Reveals Top 10 Theater Cities + Most Affordable Day to Attend a Show

The theatrics, humor and show-stopping acts of the annual Tony Awards inspire many theater fans to check out the top productions currently on Broadway. While New York may reign supreme, Vivid Seats data shows there continu…read more

MLB Ticket Prices

2017 MLB Ticket Prices

Find MLB ticket data below from the Vivid Seats marketplace. Data is as of mid-March through the end of the 2017 regular season. Jump to a category: Average Price Per Team | 2017 Trends | Opening Day Prices | Home Opener Prices Top 15 Most In-Demand Games | Cheapest Days to Attend Games Per Team<…read more