Origin of the Stage Name

Through various interviews, tidbits have been revealed regarding how Alecia Beth Moore's stage name eventually became "Pink." Check out the bullets and video below. 

  • An embarrassing class prank made her blush bright pink.
  • Friends picked her as the Quentin Tarantino character, Mr. Pink, in the 1992 crime drama, "Reservoir Dogs."
  • She wanted to reclaim it as a power color, especially since she was a tomboy and "token white girl."

Pink's Pets

  • Bubba, small dog
  • Late bulldogs, Elvis and Foxy Momma
  • Has been said to have pet rats

Fun Facts

Pink (sometimes as Alecia Moore) has appeared in the films "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," "Get Him to the Greek," "Thanks for Sharing," "Happy Feet Two," "Rollerball," and "Catacombs."

In 2010, Pink earned a power rank of No. 27 by Forbes on the "Celebrity 100 List." Since then, various sites have put her net worth at around $70 million.

In an interview with 'Spinner' in 2010, Adele said that seeing Pink live when she was younger was one of the "most defining moments of her life."

Pink's songs have been featured in a wide variety of TV shows and films including "Glee," "New Year's Eve," "Happy Feet Two," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville," and "Mean Girls."

Pink's Tattoos

  • "What Goes Around Comes Around" on her wrist
  • Dragon image on left thigh
  • Guardian Angel on left shoulder blade
  • One half of "Best Friends" split heart on her arm
  • Dog tags on her ankle honoring her brother, Jason, and father, Jim (a Vietnam War vet)
  • On her inner left forearm, a portrait of her late dog Elvis, along with a poem that reads "A time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. Sleep in peace my darling. I release you."
Pink Tattoo
  • Barcode on the back of her neck with the numbers 1 9879-11200-1 3, which is her birthday, the release date of her album "Missundaztood," and her lucky number 13
  • Chinese symbol on her right ankle to signify the infinity sign
  • Japanese symbols on her inside left ankle that mean mother, happiness, strength and good luck
  • Tribal tattoo of a music note right below left ear
  • Two small red hearts on each of her big toes
  • "Help" with a round "button" outside of her right elbow
  • Has "insecurities" along with a razorblade tattooed on the inside of her left wrist
  • "Tru Luv" is tattooed under her "What Goes Around Comes Around" tattoo, her husband has a matching one
  • Has a frog tattooed on top of her left foot
  • Two identical black and red bows on the back of her thighs
  • Simple, red hollow star on her left hand
  • Red heart and the symbol for love tattooed on her stomach below her waist
  • The name of her dog, Sir Cocky Moore, tattooed on the outside of her left arm
  • Mr. Pink tattoo on her inner left thigh

Pink: The Activist

  • Heavily involved in PETA and once donated $5,000 to help a severely injured and abandoned dog
  • Voted Choice USA's "Top 30 Under 30" activists for reproductive freedom in 2004
  • Involved in the Human Rights Campaign
  • Has fought against KFC for its treatment of chickens being slaughtered, Prince William for wearing bear skin headwear, and Beyonce's animal fur outfits and jackets

Pink Lyrics

Just Give Me a Reason Raise Your Glass

Pink & Carey

Married to Carey Hart, a former motocross athlete. The two met at the Pennsylvania X Games in 2001 and dated for four years before Pink proposed by holding up a sign during one of Hart's races in 2005. She's revealed in interviews that he initially did not believe she was actually proposing but once he realized it was genuine, he dropped out of the race to see her. The couple wed in Costa Rica on Jan. 7, 2006. 

Pink Carey

Despite some rough patches, which included a brief separation in 2008, the couple found success in marriage counseling and later renewed their vows in 2009.

Pink's domestic hobbies include gardening (tomatoes, strawberries, lettuces, spinach, kale, melons, herbs) and baking cupcakes

Pink & Willow

Gave birth to her first child, daughter Willow Sage, on June 2, 2011. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Pink said she named her daughter after her favorite tree, the willow, which is known to be the most flexible in nature and able to withstand nearly anything. Her middle name was selected because sage is "cleansing and sacred."

Pink Willow

Various Looks of Pink


  • Mohawk
  • Faux Hawk
  • Long Spikes
  • Pompadour
  • Side-shaven
  • Pixie


  • Platinum Blonde
  • Pink (different shades)
  • Rainbow
  • Black/Dark Brown
  • Red
Pink Hair2

Pink in Concert