• Music and Extreme Sports

    Music and Extreme Sports

    May 28, 2009 5:53 PM by ben

    Since 1995, there has been an exciting tour going around the country every summer. It’s called the Warped Tour. At first, it was a platform for various different punk bands to get together. But since the beginning, it includes a variety of different music styles, including punk, electronica, alternative, emo and Christian rock. Each location on the tour has as many as 100 bands from all these different genres. The concerts are held in parking lots and fields, with places for different structures to be erected. This is especially important now, because the tour is now both a music tour and an extreme sports tour. In other words, you can see skaters and bikers on a half pipe while you listen to fantastic music by some of the nation’s most famous bands. It’s a lot of fun for everyone who likes rock music. Your Vans Warped Tour tickets are just a few clicks away here at Vivid Seats!