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Buying Curtains Theater Tickets from Vivid Seats

Be there as the plot thickens for this one-of-a-kind musical comedy that takes murder mysteries to a whole new level. Vivid Seats will make sure you’re there to watch the action unfold, so be sure to peruse the marketplace for the Curtains theater tickets that are right for you. After viewing the 2016 Curtains show dates above, pick out your favorite venue and click to the next screen to lock down your tickets. The complete directory of Curtains tickets can be sorted by everything from price to section, depending on your preferences. You also can search by quantity if you’re in need of a specific number of seats. Once your selection has been made, complete the check out process by signing in or creating an account, and submitting the necessary information to place the order. The seller will confirm the purchase, after which, we’ll send you an email with the unique FedEx tracking number so you’ll know when to expect your Curtains theater tickets.

Customer Support
We understand the importance in having somewhere to turn to get questions answered. That’s why Vivid Seats provides an in-house staff of customer service representatives to assist all of those shopping with us. To contact a member of the support team, please click the Live Chat link at the top of the page or call 1.866.848.8499.

100% Guarantee
Regardless of the type of tickets ordered, all customers will get our 100% Guarantee. This certifies the arrival of your Curtains tickets well in advance of the show, in addition to the assurance that they will be accurate and authentic. All transactions are processed over our secure server and personally handled from beginning to end to ensure the safety of our customers.

More About Vivid Seats
Backed by unmatched personalized service and a well-established professional seller network, Vivid Seats is the place to go for a hassle-free online buying experience. Our stock of Curtains tickets will always feature a wide variety that won’t make you break the bank.