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Keller Auditorium Ticket Information
Use Vivid Seats to purchase cheap Keller Auditorium tickets now and enjoy fantastic events inside one of Portland, Oregon’s most enjoyable venues. Often featuring great performances by the Portland Opera and the Oregon Ballet Theatre, this large, nearly 3,000 person capacity theatre is home to Broadway productions, ballet, operas, family events and much more. Purchase cheap Keller Auditorium tickets today and witness some of the best shows the stage has to offer. Above you’ll see the current events and when you know the one you want to see, just click the tickets link and you can view our complete inventory. With the help of useful tools like the price range bar and the seating quantity charts you can find the right amount of tickets and for the price you want to pay, and anytime you have a question be sure to reach out to us via the Live Chat link or by phone at 1.866.848.8499. When the time comes to purchase, click on the buy button and you will be asked to log into Vivid Seats and provide your shipping and billing information. When the transaction is complete, we’ll quickly prepare your Keller Auditorium tickets for a quick shipment, and with our 100% Buyer’s Guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll get you’ll get them in time.

Keller Auditorium Seating Information
We have a very helpful interactive Keller Auditorium seating chart to assist you in finding great tickets fast. If you click directly on the area you want to sit in, you can see the current ticket pricing and availability with just a single click. Stay on alert that the venue chart will change depending on the layout of the venue, which may change for different types of shows. Click on the link adjacent to the venue and city name to see box, balcony, and orchestral seating details. Also, if you see white notes and small icons next to some Keller Auditorium tickets, these are an indicator that there are special details or notes about your tickets. Often times, these inform you of alternative shipping options like electronic delivery.

Keller Auditorium Rules & General Information
One way that you can help ensure the safety of yourself and all other attendees is to be aware of and follow the Keller Auditorium rules. This means that you cannot smoke, bring in flash camera, or any other recording device.

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Portland Opera
Oregon Ballet Theatre

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