• Nothing Says the Holidays Quite Like Your Favorite Memes

    Nothing Says the Holidays Quite Like Your Favorite Memes

    Dec 12, 2012 12:26 PM by Amy

    Holiday Memes

    The holiday season is ripe for sending friends and family “season’s greetings,” but often times, it can be difficult to say just how you feel. Fortunately, that’s where the Internet has always shined. It’s been a big year for memes, and the holidays alone have been bringing out some of the best. So, stop wasting time trying to come up with something that will inevitably turn out corny, and instead, may we offer you some superb words of wisdom with the select holiday memes below.

    Shockingly, Grumpy Cat is Not a Fan of the Holidays
    Perfect for the Scrooge in your life, capitalize on the winter blues with this Grumpy Cat meme delivering the 2012 version of “Bah Humbug.” (Photo courtesy of WeKnowMemes)

    An Awkward Family Photo for the Ages
    There are far too many to choose from, but this one so effectively captures the non-“joy” felt trying to get kids to sit for a few pictures that we just couldn’t resist this tear-filled gem. (Photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos)

    The Most Interesting Man in the World Hopes for a Short Trip Home
    Well, it appears the secret is out. Anyone who has moved away at some point can likely relate to the sentiment that as nice as it is to return home and visit, the holidays are not typically the best time to have to do it. (Photo courtesy of QuickMeme)

    Looks Like Coal This Year for Bad Luck Brian
    In case you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you tried turning the tables. (Photo courtesy of Meme Generator)

    I Guess Not Everyone Cares to Hear “All I Want For Christmas Is You” 10,000 Times a Day
    Somewhere in between the people who excitedly create Spotify Christmas playlists and those who seek out the 24/7 holiday radio stations, there are people who simply need a break from the jingling bells every once in a while. (Photo courtesy of QuickMeme)

    It’s Only OK to Watch the Sun Come Up If Presents Are Involved
    Most people absolutely dread having to wake up early, but all bets are off when December 25th rolls around. (Photo courtesy of someecards)

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