Vivid Seats Rewards

Vivid Seats Rewards

Earn credit back on your purchases in the Vivid Seats app.

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Earn credit with every in-app purchase. To get started, download or update to the latest version of the Vivid Seats app. You'll be automatically enrolled in the program and can start earning.

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1 Get the latest version of the app

Make a purchase in the app

2 Buy tickets using the app

Start earning with every in-app purchase

3 Earn credit with your purchases

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Rewards for Every Fan

Whether you're a casual event–goer or a die hard fan, earn credit back based on what you spend.*


Spend Annually

Credit Per $250 Spent

Credit Earn Rate

Credit Expiration

In-App Offers

Additional Perks


0 - $499



1 year

Rock Star

$500 - $1999



1 year

Hall of Famer






Is there a cost to join Vivid Seats Rewards?

No. Once you download the latest version of the Vivid Seats app, you'll start earning with your first purchase. 

Does Vivid Seats Rewards credit expire?

For MVPs and Rock Stars, credit expires one year after each credit is issued. Credit earned while in Hall of Famer status never expires.

Can I use a promo code with Vivid Seats Rewards?

All promo codes are valid with the Vivid Seats Rewards loyalty program.

Can I choose when to apply my credit?

Yes. You can save up Vivid Seats Rewards credit and choose when to use it. There is no limit to how much credit you can accumulate, and no restrictions on the events you can use it on.

Do phone or web orders count for Vivid Seats Rewards?

No. Only orders placed through the Vivid Seats app will count for the Vivid Seats Rewards loyalty program. View your Vivid Seats Rewards progress right in the Vivid Seats app.

How many points do I earn?

You don't accumulate points in Vivid Seats Rewards, you simply receive credit back.

Can I transfer credit?

No. Vivid Seats Rewards are non-transferable.

What if I buy tickets to a game that might not happen (e.g., World Series Game 7)?

Customers who purchase tickets for "if necessary" events will earn credit that is set to a "pending" state until the event is confirmed (e.g., a Game 6 outcome forces a Game 7). If the event does not occur, and the tickets are refunded, no credit is issued.

What VIP experiences does Hall of Famer status include?

Vivid Seats Rewards customers with Hall of Famer status will be eligible for additional perks such as access to special events and custom VIP experiences.

Does Vivid Seats Rewards status expire?

Status is based on purchases made over the past twelve months within the Vivid Seats app.

More questions?

To learn more, get started or check your progress, download the Vivid Seats app

* Rewards Program Terms and Conditions and all applicable Terms of Use apply.