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Vivid Seats Rewards Terms and Conditions

Vivid Seats Rewards Terms and Conditions

Effective as of October 15, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Changes were made to the Rewards Program as of October 15, 2021. These changes relate to the method for calculating stamp value for each Eligible Purchase. Please note that all Rewards Credits issued prior to these changes will have the expiration dates and value noted in your account as they did prior to October 15, 2021 and shall be subject to the Reward Terms and Condition in effect as of the time that the Rewards Credits were earned. All capitalized words contained herein have the meaning defined below.

Vivid Seats Rewards (“Rewards Program”) is a program offered by Vivid Seats, beginning August 5, 2019 (“Launch Date”), to users of (“VS Website”), the Vivid Seats App, version 113.0 and newer for iOS and version 124.0 and newer for android (“VS App”) and for those customers who make purchases from Vivid Seats by telephone from our contact center (the “VS Contact Center,” collectively with the VS Website and the VS App, the “VS Sales Channels”). These Vivid Seats Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (the “Reward Terms”) establish the terms and conditions applicable to all purchases through the VS Sales Channels and your participation in the Rewards Program. Please read these terms carefully. By making purchases through the VS Sales Channels and participating in the Rewards Program, you agree to comply with these Reward Terms and the Vivid Seats Terms of Use (“Site Terms”). If you do not agree to be bound by both the Reward Terms and the Site Terms, do not make any purchases through the VS Sales Channels or participate in the Rewards Program.

How to Participate:

Participation in the Rewards Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual (“you” or “Participant”).  The Rewards Program is void where prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations. The Reward Terms are subject to such changes as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations.

To participate, you must register an account with and make an Eligible Purchase (defined below) from Vivid Seats through any of the VS Sales Channels.  When you register an account and place your first confirmed order with Vivid Seats , by doing so, you understand and agree that (i) you will be opted in to the Rewards Program and (ii) these additional Reward Terms shall apply to your participation in the Rewards Program.

How the Rewards Program works:

Each ticket purchased within an Eligible Purchase shall be eligible to earn a stamp that will be added to your Rewards account. Each stamp shall have a value determined by the Eligible Price (defined below) of the ticket that earned the stamp.  For every ten stamps you earn, you will receive a “Reward Credit” that shall be calculated by taking the average value of the Eligible Price for the ten stamps. 

An "Eligible Purchase" means a purchase of tickets from the Vivid Seats Sales Channels that results in a confirmed order.  You will know that your order has been “confirmed” when you receive a confirmation email. The Eligible Price for each Eligible Purchase is calculated and then a stamp for that value will be issued to you.  The following additional items also will qualify as Eligible Purchases:

  • Orders for parking passes (one stamp per pass); and
  • Purchases made using Reward Credit or store credit issued to you as compensation for a canceled event.

The following purchases will not qualify as “Eligible Purchases” and any money spent on such purchases shall not result in the issuance of a stamp:

  • Purchases not made from a Vivid Seats Sales Channel;
  • Purchases made from Vivid Seats prior to the Launch Date of the Rewards Program;
  • Purchases made after the Launch Date that did not qualify as an Eligible Purchase under the Rewards Terms and Conditions then in effect;
  • Purchases where the entire purchase amount (excluding taxes, service fees and delivery fees) is paid for by using store credit or Reward Credit (except for store credit or Reward Credit issued as compensation for a canceled event) or any other promotional or coupon code; and
  • Purchases that Vivid Seats determines, in its sole discretion, are fraudulent.

The “Eligible Price” means any actual dollars spent on an Eligible Purchase towards the ticket cost,  less any dollars spent on taxes, services fees and delivery fees. For “Package Orders” (orders that include both tickets and other items such as food or memorabilia), only the portion of the purchase price used to pay for the ticket cost (and not the portion used to pay for any other items, taxes, service fees and delivery fees) shall count toward the Eligible Price.  Any credit provided to you to compensate you for a canceled event that you spend on an order shall count towards the Eligible Price.  Any portion of the purchased paid for by gift cards shall count towards the eligible price unless you are an employee, vendor, supplier or other business partner of Vivid Seats.

Any portion of the total price of the Eligible Purchase paid through the application of store credit or Reward Credit (except for store credit or Reward Credit issued as compensation for a canceled event), or any other promotional or coupon code will not qualify as part of the “Eligible Price” for an Eligible Purchase.

Award of Stamps and Use of Reward Credits

You may only earn stamps by making Eligible Purchases through the VS Sales Channels.  Any purchase made through a ticket sales platform, website or application, other than the VS Sales Channels, regardless of whether or not Vivid Seats or its subsidiaries own or provide services for such ticket sales platform, website or application, shall not be an Eligible Purchase and Vivid Seats will not issue a stamp to you for any such sales.  The timing for your award and receipt of Stamps may vary, depending upon your event.  For most Eligible Purchases, stamps will be awarded upon order confirmation.  For any event designated at check out as “if necessary” (for example, games 5, 6 and 7 of a “Best of Seven” playoff series”), stamps will be awarded to you and deposited into your account within forty-eight hours after the actual occurrence of the event is verified.  Until the occurrence of the event is verified, the applicable stamps shall be “pending.”

Reward Credit shall be issued each time you collect 10 stamps. Stamps that do not result in Reward Credit before their expiration date and Reward Credits shall expire depending upon your Rewards Program status level at the time that such stamps or Rewards Credits were earned.

Reward Credit may only be used on future purchases made using the VS App only and shall be linked to the account and email address associated with the Eligible Purchases that earned the Reward Credit. Accounts may not be combined or merged, and stamps and Reward Credit are not transferable between accounts.  Rewards Credits may be used on the same purchase as other store credit, promotional codes, or other forms of discounts.

Rewards Program Status:

The Rewards Program has five status levels.  Your status is determined by the total Eligible Price that you have spent on Eligible Purchases since the Launch Date.  Each status level achieved increases your program benefits.  Tickets purchased prior to the Launch Date of the Rewards Program shall not apply to your status.

Tier Name 


Rising Star 

Super Fan 



Tier Spend 

$1 → $399 

$400 → $1,999 

$2,000 → $9,999 


Credit Expiration 


24 Months 

36 Months  

48 Months 


Stamp Expiration 


24 Months 

36 Months 

48 Months 


Tier Benefits 

Birthday Reward 

Surprise Upgrades 



Stamps never expire








Tier Benefits

If you share your birthday details with us, you will be eligible for a “Birthday Reward” in the form of a promotional discount for use on a future order made on the VS App.

If you achieve “Superfan” status with us, you will qualify to receive “Surprise Upgrades” where you may receive a complimentary ticket upgrade on your previously purchased tickets.  There is no guarantee that a Surprise Upgrade will be offered for any particular order.  If you are offered a Surprise Upgrade, you may opt to accept the upgrade or keep your original tickets.

If you achieve “Legend” status with us, your stamps and Reward Credits never expire. 

Additional Rewards Program Rules

Once received, Reward Credit may be used on future orders made through the VS App.  Reward Credit may not be applied on past orders. When you apply Reward Credit to an order that is for a lower value than the Reward Credit you have in your account, the Reward Credit with the nearest expiration date shall be applied first and the remainder shall remain in your account. For orders where the Reward Credit is lesser in value than the order, it shall be applied in its entirety and you will need to provide the remaining payment difference. In the event that you apply Reward Credit to an order that is later canceled, the applicable Reward Credit shall be returned to your account. In such case, the expiration date for the reissued Reward Credit shall be determined by your current status level. If you are issued Stamps or Reward Credits based on a purchase of event tickets for an event that is subsequently canceled, we will remove such Stamps or Reward Credits from your account.

Vivid Seats reserves the right to remove, at any time, any Stamps or Reward Credit earned at its sole discretion. Stamps or Reward Credit may be removed from your account in cases where a Participant receives a refund or store credit of any kind. Your status may be adjusted as a result.

From time to time, and for a limited time duration, Vivid Seats may offer additional earning opportunities in the Rewards Program, which may be subject to additional terms listed within the offer.

The Stamps and Reward Credit are non-transferable and have no cash value (except where required by law). If you are no longer permitted to place orders through Vivid Seats for any reason, your Rewards Credit will no longer be accessible to you. If Vivid Seats determines there is any suspected or actual tampering with any portion of the Rewards Program, Vivid Seats reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual connected therewith from the Rewards Program and, at its option, to no longer permit the placing of orders through the VS Sales Channels.

Purchases made for the intent of resale shall not be eligible for the Rewards Program. The Rewards Program is intended to encourage fans to interact with and enjoy the VS Sales Channels.  The Rewards Program is only available for ticket purchases where the next use of that ticket is for an individual to attend an event and not for resale or for any other purpose. If it is discovered that an individual, group or company has been utilizing the Rewards Program for the purchase of tickets for the purposes of resale, this shall be considered a violation of the Seller Terms and all penalties detailed in the Seller Terms may apply at Vivid Seats’ sole discretion.  

Please note that any Eligible Dollars (as such term is defined in the October 12, 2020, Rewards Program Terms and Conditions) in your account as of July 27, 2021 that have not converted into Rewards Credits shall not convert into stamps.


Vivid Seats expressly disclaims responsibility for any claims arising from (i) any errors in any Rewards Program related materials or for any consequences arising from such errors; and (ii) the loss of Stamps or Reward Credit that are misdirected, fail to enter into the processing system, or are processed, reported, or transmitted late or incorrectly or are otherwise lost for any reason including computer, telephone, paper transfer, human or other error; or for electronic, computer, or telephonic malfunction or error, including any inability to access the VS Sales Channels or process any transaction on or with the VS Sales Channels.

Changes to the Rewards Program:

Vivid Seats may, in its sole discretion, change, limit or modify the Rewards Program rules, the Rewards Program status levels, benefits, eligibility for membership, these Rewards Terms and any other feature of the Rewards Program at any time without prior notice. Vivid Seats further reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program, or any part of the Rewards Program, at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice, even though such termination may affect the right to earn Stamps or use Rewards Credit. In the event Vivid Seats terminates the Rewards Program, any Reward Credit earned shall be valid until the expiration date, except at Vivid Seats’ sole discretion.

By continuing to collect stamps and redeem Reward Credits, you accept any changes to these terms and conditions.  You are responsible for keeping up to date on any changes that we make.