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Gershwin Theatre Ticket Information
Purchase your Gershwin Theatre tickets today and visit this phenomenal Broadway theatre in midtown-Manhattan that was named after the great American composer, George Gershwin, and lyricist Ira Gershwin, his brother. The rotunda serves as the Theater Hall of Fame, and with its ability to house 1,933 guests, this Art Nouveau style theatre has the highest seating capacity of any Broadway theatre. Get fantastic Gershwin Theatre tickets today by going over the schedule above, deciding on the show you want to see, and clicking the tickets link to the right of the event you choose. Every ticket we have available will be yours to pick through, and to make the search easier we’ve installed great tools like the seating quantity filter and the price range bar, which limit the search results so that the only tickets you see are the ones that meet your ticket number requirement and budget criteria. Always know that we’re here to assist you throughout the process, be it by chatting with our Live Chat feature or via telephone at 1.866.848.8499. There’s a red buy button next to the tickets that, once you click on it, will prompt you to log and provide your shipping and billing information to complete the order. We will then ship your Gershwin Theatre tickets.

Gershwin Theatre Seating Information
As you search for Gershwin Theatre tickets remember that the white notes and small icons beside certain tickets tell you of more information, such as alternative shipping options. The convenience of the interactive Gershwin Theatre seating chart allows you to find out ticket availability and pricing in specific places in the venue by clicking directly on the spot you wish to sit in, but be aware that, depending on the type of show, the layout of the chart may change. And for more information about club seats, suites, and general seats, use the link next to the venue and city name. 

Gershwin Theatre Rules & General Information
To ensure your safety and ability have a great time at the performance, Gershwin Theatre rules have been installed and you are expected to follow them. Some regulations are that water is the only beverage you can bring in the auditorium other than soda in capped cups, smoking is prohibited, and things like purses, briefcases, and large bags are allowed, but it’s recommended you leave large bags at home. Also, children under the age of 5 are not allowed inside.

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