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In the Air Tonight Covers: 10 Unique Versions of the Phil Collins Classic

October 26, 2016 by Amy

In the Air Tonight Covers

(UPDATE 4/30/21: Phil Collins is returning to the US! Browse Genesis tickets to watch Phil Collins on the 2021 The Last Domino? tour)

Back in fall 2015, Phil Collins revealed that his then-indefinite hiatus was coming to an end, and roughly a year later, he delivered on his word with a memoir and 2017 tour dates.

While he’s yet to schedule anything stateside, Collins did make a point to stop by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new book, and he also dispelled that lingering rumor regarding the inspiration for “In the Air Tonight.”



As Rolling Stone reported last year, Collins has been out of commission when it comes to playing drums, but his son, Nicholas, has had no problem filling in. Neither did Questlove.



Over the years, “In the Air Tonight” has seemingly only grown in popularity, but has not necessarily been a song many artists have chosen to cover. The iconic drum solo may be one major reason why, but as you’ll see in the videos below, the song can still be covered quite well even without it.


1. Barenaked Ladies

The Barenaked Ladies remained true to form and in turn churned out a subtle, yet powerful rendition of “In the Air Tonight,” making sure to get in their own version of the drum solo.


2. Chris Daughtry

This live cover of “In the Air Tonight” from Chris Daughtry and special guest, Brad Arnold, offer up one of the more intense versions of the song, and yes, you do get the drums in this one.


3. Fly Moon Royalty

The duo of Adra Boo and Mike Illvester teamed up to produce this haunting gem that borrows the original’s drum solo to bring it on home.


4. Phillip Phillips

Arguably the list’s most subdued take on “In the Air Tonight,” Phillip Phillips only needed his trusty guitar to put his own spin on the classic track.


5. Nonpoint

One of YouTube’s most viewed covers of “In the Air Tonight,” if you’ve wondered what an alternative version would sound like, be sure to check this one out.


6. Kelly Sweet

Switching over to the pop category, Kelly Sweet effectively demonstrates that the song works within her genre as well.


7. Three Days Grace

The slow build to the drum solo made this cover by Three Days Grace one of our favorites, and we can only imagine how great it was to experience in person.


8. David Nail

Providing our lone country entry, David Nail went the very risky route of opting to completely forgo the drum solo altogether.


9. Piano Cover

Proving that the song works on any instrument, enjoy this piano only version that captures the essence of “In the Air Tonight” with each haunting key.



Mike Tyson in The Hangover

Though “In the Air Tonight” had already established itself years before its inclusion in The Hangover, Mike Tyson’s relatable love of the drum solo easily made the scene one of the film’s most memorable.

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