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Oracle Park Concerts: A Seating Guide for Live Music at San Francisco's Top Ballpark

November 30, 2016 by Alyssa

Oracle Park Concerts 2017

San Francisco’s bayside Oracle Park is one of the most unique concert venues along the West Coast. This northern California landmark offers beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay, and it’s the perfect site to take in a concert from an epic performer like Billy Joel, Beyoncé, or Metallica.

Jump to the bottom of the page to check out a schedule of Oracle Park concerts for the year ahead. You can also keep reading this post for more detailed seating information for music performances at this stadium.



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Oracle Park Seating Chart

The Oracle Park seating chart, featured below, includes three levels of tiered stadium-style seating facing the outfield, which is where stages for Oracle Park concerts are normally located. For most concerts at this stadium, there will also be seating available throughout the field level. This may be general admission or reserved seating, depending on the preferences of the performer you’re going to see.

Oracle Park Seating Views

For a better idea of what Oracle Park concerts look like from each section of the stadium, we’ve collected a number of videos taken at various concerts and different levels of the park.

Oracle Park Field Level Views

If you’re able to secure field level passes for Oracle Park concerts, you’re in for a unique treat. In addition to having the chance to stand on the field of this beautiful stadium, you might be able to get within a few feet of your favorite performers, as you can see in the video below.



If you’re farther back on the field, you might not be able to see the action on stage as clearly, but you can see in the following video that there are giant LED screens for almost every concert at this stadium. These multi-story-high screens guarantee everyone inside Oracle Park can see the show.


Oracle Park 100 Level Views

The first section of stadium-style seating for Oracle Park concerts is located in the 100 Level, which swings around the first and third base lines. Most of these seats have a fairly solid view of the performance, as you won’t be too far away from the outfield where the stage is set up.



Oracle Park 200 Level Views

Seats in the 200 Level are right at the middle of the Oracle Park seating chart. These seats are a great option for people who don’t mind being slightly farther from the stage but still want to see the performers on the field level.



Oracle Park 300 Level Views

The final option available for Oracle Park concerts is the 300 Level. These seats are highest in the stadium and will be farthest away from the stage. That being said, these seats also give excellent sweeping views of the crowd and the beautiful scenery behind the stadium.

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