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Top 20 Blogs EDM and Dance Fans Should Know in 2022

June 16, 2022 by Stephen Spiewak

EDM and Dance Blogs

No longer confined to raves and weekend music festivals, Dance/EDM music has become a major force in the general music landscape heading into 2023.

But online, the genre has been flourishing for decades, thanks to the passion, dedication and community that are hallmarks of electronic dance music (EDM) blogs, which have mirrored the maturation process of the genre itself.

Vivid Seas has identified the Top 20 Dance and EDM blogs that fans should have on their radar in 2023.

Top 20 Dance/EDM Blogs for 2023


A pioneer in the DJ landscape, Beatport has been the worldwide internet home to DJs since its inception in 2004. It provides a number of services for both DJs and labels, in just about any genre or subset of EMD one can imagine, from dubstep to house, techno to trance, electronica to future bass, and everything in between.

Daily Beat

Formed in 2012 to serve local artists and boutique record labels, Daily Beat is a blog that provides coverage of the EDM and Dance space with, at times, a touch of humor, like this piece on the 7 types of people typically found in a rave crew.

Dancing Astronaut

The Dancing Astronaut is more than just EMD music; it's a site that feverishly covers all aspects of the broader Dance culture. Fans looking for strictly music news can toggle "Music Only" on Dancing Astronaut, to conveniently personalize their experience. Billboard once described Dancing Astronaut as "the voice of the EDM generation," and in 2018, the title still fits.

DJ Mag

It would be impossible to assemble a list of top Dance blogs without including DJ Mag. The British site has a long history in the Dance scene, dating back to its founding in 1991. It's weathered criticism through the years, but the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs is an enduring brand that always generates conversation.

Since its founding in 2014, has offered a diverse set of coverage, ranging from features and interviews to gear and tech reviews. During the COVID-19 pandemic, managing editor Jason Heffler helped keep the EDM world entertained by outlining weekly EDM livestreams.


A robust editorial effort is the calling card for EARMilk, which boasts an international network of journalists covering many varieties of music beyond Dance and EDM. Its "Main Stage" section always has fresh, often exclusive, stories

EDM Identity

EDM Identity is a relative newcomer to the EDM blog scene, launching in late 2014. Its focus is a noble one: eschew covering the stories that all other sites are writing about and focus on unique interviews and spotlights.

EDM Sauce

EDM Sauce covers every genre and iteration of Dance music you could think of. It also offers copyright-free tracks and provides a platform for up and coming artists to submit songs. Its apparel section has a bounty of clothes and accessories to complete your look for any upcoming rave.

EDM Tunes

EDM Tunes has sections devoted to technology and entertainment, among other verticals. In the seven years since its founding, it's amassed a considerable following on social media.

Magnetic Magazine

The slickly designed EDM culture blog Magnetic Magazine has a number of worthwhile content properties, including its Industry Insider series. Its interviews can yield honest, perhaps controversial takes on the EDM scene, including the notion that in the EDM world, being famous on social media matters more than quality music.


Few—if any—Dance sites carry the reputation of Mixmag, which helped pioneer coverage of the Dance clubs in the early 1980s, evolving from a humble newsletter to one of the robust music sites in the world. It continues to leverage its indispensable voice to push the industry forward, recently penning a piece on why greater representation is improving the Dance/EDM scene.

Music Ninja

The Music Ninja prides itself on discovering superior music before other outlets. Site owner Blas Yaselli listens to every single song that up-and-coming artists submit. Lately, its focus has been on Music Ninja Radio, a podcast that broadcasts live in San Francisco.

Run the Trap

If your EDM tastes lie in the trap variety, Run the Trap absolutely belongs in your bookmarks. The site abides by the principle that quality trumps quantity, so if a trap song makes it on Run the Trap, odds are you'll find it worth a listen.

This Song Is Sick

Music discovery is the name of the game at This Song is Sick. But in addition to spotlighting new music, it unflaggingly covers news around current top artists. TSIS is a mainstay in most lists of top EDM blogs, and this one will be no different.


Though it's based in Germany, TrndMsk is a site that American EDM fans—and those around the world—ought to be familiar with. Since 2010, the online magazine has carved out an authoritative voice in the world of electronic music. Trndmsk publishes a monthly podcast and a weekly "Sound of the Week." The entire site reflects its motto: "I dance, therefore I am."

We Are Sound Space

EDM music with a Belfast flare, We Are Sound Space provides a daily mix of fresh news, interviews, playlists and features. We Are Sound Space has penned some powerful pieces, including this depiction of the Not Sorry Club's work for inclusion in the space.

We Rave You

Though it's replete with news, We Rave You makes a mark with its editorial pieces that often focus on nostalgia, discussing popular EDM albums on their anniversaries and thoughtfully exploring their impact retrospectively. It's a great way to reminisce—and to feel old. Did you know that Robert Miles' "Children" is 23 years old, as of this month?

Your EDM

A staple of the genre, YourEDM covers all the latest EDM news while also offering free downloads of up and coming artists. The site also features thoughtful editorials on some of the most important topics in the industry.

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Updated June 2022

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