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Bridgestone Arena Concerts: Guide to Seating in Nashville

May 31, 2016 by Alyssa

Bridgestone Arena Concert Seating

Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena opened in the ‘90s to become the city’s most prominent multipurpose events center. Outside of basketball and hockey games, this indoor venue has become a popular site to catch major musicians on tour in the city.



From country to hip-hop to pop and everything in between, all types of performers make it a point to stop at Bridgestone Arena during national arena tours, and each year there’s someone new to see. Keep reading this guide for details on different seats in the arena, or jump to see a full schedule of Bridgestone Arena concerts.

Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart

The Bridgestone Arena seating chart has three levels of standard tiered arena seating, beginning with the 100 Level near the floor and extending up to the 300 Level at the top of the venue. Most concerts also have a number of seats available on the arena floor extending up to the stage.


Bridgestone Arena Concert Seating

For most concerts, the stage will be set up on the far end of the floor with any combination of general admission and reserved seating available on the Floor Level. Seats in the Lower through Upper Levels are also available, but the venue usually closes off any sections that do not have a view of the stage. However, some major performers--like Bruce Springsteen or Paul McCartney--may choose to make all seats available even if they offer a limited or rear view of the show.

Bridgestone Arena Floor Level Views

The Floor Level is the closest you can get for concerts at Bridgestone Arena. The seats in the front sections of the floor are where diehard fans will want to be. From these seats, you can see everything happening on stage, and you’re in a prime spot to catch any special surprises.



Bridgestone Arena Lower Level Views

Seats in the Lower Level are the first option of permanent seating for Bridgestone Arena concerts. The sections close to the stage are particularly in demand since they allow you to be close to the performers but still elevated above stage level.



In the 100 Level sections across from the stage, you’ll have a direct view of the performance, but you’ll be much farther away from the actual show.



Bridgestone Arena Middle Level Views

Central to the arena are the Middle Level sections. These seats are a good option for many concertgoers, as they typically offer a good balance between distance from the stage and price per seat. One step above the Lower Level, this area also stands above the stage, making sure you can see the full performance.



Bridgestone Arena Upper Level Views

The final place you can choose to sit during Bridgestone Arena concerts is the Upper Level, which holds all the sections from 301-333. Giving aerial views of the stage, these seats are generally most affordable.


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