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Until Next Time: An Interview with D. Munoz

March 20, 2020 by Andrew Gretchko

D Munoz Interview

What were you doing when you were 16 years old? For most, the answer is a combination of homework, sports and chores. For Bayonne, New Jersey’s D. Munoz, stardom was the only option. Now 19, Munoz’s career has taken off thanks to a successful EP and a string of hits that earned him a spot on the Epic Records roster. Vivid Seats spoke with Munoz about his story, his music and more.

D Munoz Photo Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats: Every song has a story, and yours starts in Bayonne. Tell us how it all started.

D. Munoz: It all started a few years ago when I was about 15. I was in an app called Voxer with about eight of my friends. We were all just sending voice memos back and forth and then I decided to send one of me singing joking around. They all responded and told me I was actually pretty good and that I should think about taking it seriously. I thought about it the whole night and then a few days later I posted my first Instagram cover to Chris Brown’s “Excuse Me Miss.” I got some good feedback; I think I got about six comments and that was enough for me to start. At first it was just like a fun thing to do, and then in 2016 I went viral off a challenge I did… After that happened I told myself it was time to start really taking it seriously...

VS: Your mom is very important to you. How do your roots affect your music?

DM: For sure. I think it helped a lot with the Spanish side of my music.... I grew up hearing Romeo Santos, Prince Royce and Daddy Yankee. All those guys are big inspirations on the Spanish side.

VS: Your EP Until Next Time seems to have been a real turning point in your career. How did that change things for you?

DM: Yea, it changed a lot. It was my first project so it was a really big moment for me. Before I had put it out I felt like people didn’t really take me seriously as an artist and a writer, so I feel like that project was an eye opener and after it dropped a lot people were really starting to tune in.

VS: Your music has charted under the R&B/Soul category, but there’s a hint of pop in there as well. How would you describe your music?

DM: It depends… When I’m doing an R&B record I’m super vulnerable and in the feels. One thing I love is just being able to talk about my situations that I’ve been through.. R&B is honestly my favorite genre to do, so even when I’m doing a pop record I always try to bring that R&B feel/Vibe to it.

VS: What artists serve as your inspiration?

DM: The artist that serves as my inspiration is Bryson Tiller… He inspires me alot, especially with the R&B/Soul sound.

VS: Are there any musicians you hope to collaborate with in the future?

DM: Bryson tiller for sure. Drake. Bruno Mars would be dope. Shawn Mendes, J Cole, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Roddy Rich and a couple other people.

VS: You’ve put out a steady string of new content, from songs to music videos, in 2020. What can fans expect from you next?

DM: More music, more videos, more content. And when I’m able to tour again, Ill be back on the road.

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