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Quicken Loans Arena Concerts: Seating Guide for Live Music in Cleveland

August 03, 2016 by Alyssa

Quicken Loans Arena Seating

Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena originally opened in 1994 as the region’s preeminent sports venue, but today, the multi-purpose arena has become a frequent host to the world’s top musicians who pass through northern Ohio. Major concert tours from the likes of Lady Gaga, Rush, Bruce Springsteen, and many more have headlined this stage, and many more will continue to perform here in the months ahead.



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When your favorite band brings its next concert tour to Quicken Loans Arena, you can use the guide below to help decide which seats will be the best for your group. You can also jump ahead to view a full schedule of Quicken Loans Arena concerts.

Quicken Loans Arena Concert Seating Chart

For concerts at Quicken Loans Arena, fans can generally choose from seats available on the floor of the arena or from seats in the main seating bowl. The concert stage will normally be set up on one of the floor’s far ends, but occasionally performers will elect to set up the stage in the center of the floor. The performer’s stage configuration may affect your decision to choose seats on the Floor, Lower, Club, or Upper Levels. A sample Quicken Loans Arena seating chart is displayed below for your convenience.


Quicken Loans Arena Floor Seating Views

The Floor Level has a handful of different seating configurations, which can combine general admission and reserved seating. If you choose seats in one of the first few rows, the Pits close to the stage, or arrive earlier for a general admission show, you can be right in front of the stage for the performance. This means you’ll be just feet away from the performers on stage, giving you one of the best seats in the house.


When you’re farther back in the Floor Level, there’s a greater chance that your view will be partially obscured by the people in front of you, but the sound is still excellent at this level. In this video you can see what a show feels like standing in the rear of the floor.


Quicken Loans Arena Lower Level Seating Views

In the Lower Level of Quicken Loans Arena, fans can experience a live show from the first elevated area of the arena’s seating bowl. From seats in the Lower Level, fans can get a really solid view of the performance from a perch above the floor. These seats are a good option for fans who want to be able to both sit and stand during concerts while still taking in as much of the show as possible.


Quicken Loans Arena Club Level Seating Views

The Club Level is the smallest area of Quicken Loans Arena with just eight sections available on the sides of the arena. These seats are located in the middle of the Lower Level, so seating views here are comparable to those in the uppermost rows of the Lower Level. You’ll have a little more privacy in the Club Level than in other areas of the arena, as well.



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Quicken Loans Arena Upper Level Seating Views

Higher up in the arena, the Upper Level is the final place where fans can sit. Upper Level seating will be farthest from the stage, but if you don’t care about seeing all the fine details of a concert, these seats are a great option.



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Since the sound is still great from this level, you won’t be sacrificing any audio quality even when you’re sitting in the sections most distant from the stage. There are also generally big screens along either side of the stage which will help you see the show.

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