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What to Wear to a Beyonce Concert

August 01, 2016 by Alyssa

Beyonce Tour Style

Since Beyoncé is one of the foremost fashion icons of her generation, it’s no wonder that her fans aim to make a statement when they see her in concert. As a role model for thousands around the globe, Beyoncé clearly inspires her fans to think, act, and dress in certain ways. At her concerts, fans get a unique chance not only to watch Beyoncé perform, but also to show her--through their fashion choices--just how powerful an influence she is on their lives.

When you’re wondering what to wear to your next Beyoncé concert, let this guide serve as your style inspiration. There’s no wrong way to dress for her tour, but if you want to make a statement, you should definitely plan your outfit in advance.

Browse the guide below to find fashion inspiration for the next Beyoncé concert, and don’t forget to secure your seats to see her live.


The Beyoncé Look

From music videos to tour costumes, Queen Bey herself has given her fans more than enough iconic looks to emulate. It’s especially easy to find unique looks in Beyoncé’s most recent work, thanks to her focus on visuals in both her albums “Beyoncé” and “Lemonade.” Check out how her fans have recreated Beyoncé’s looks on the Formation World Tour:


A photo posted by Beautiful people (@yeslawd2) on




A photo posted by Chay (@chayaparicio) on



The Tour Merchandise Look

For years, Beyoncé’s tour merchandise has been one of the highlights of her live shows, and fans wait with anticipation to see what items she’ll be offering on her latest venture. In addition to selling tour merch at her concerts, Beyoncé often puts her items for sale in her online store, so you can get the latest shirts and accessories in time to see her show live.


A post shared by Ahniya B. (@its_ya_girl_ahniya) on


Fans have also been known to sport merch from past Beyoncé tours at her live shows. With so many excellent pieces from her previous live ventures, there’s no reason you shouldn’t sport a throwback look at her upcoming show.


A photo posted by Kelly De Smet (@kelly.dsmet) on


The Ivy Park Look

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park fashion line has lots of ideal pieces you can wear to see this icon perform live. The activewear brand is cozy and comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time, and it’s the perfect way to showcase your appreciation for this multitalented star.


A photo posted by LM (@lmclaes) on


The Fan-Made Merchandise Look

On sites like Etsy, there are thousands of unique, handcrafted clothes and accessories inspired by Beyoncé. You can find almost anything Queen Bey-related in these crafty online stores, including t-shirts featuring quirky wordplay on her name, as well as hats and jewelry based on Bey’s iconic music videos.


A post shared by brandi ð?¦? (@brandi_official) on


A photo posted by Fem Roelandt (@fem_roelandt) on



A photo posted by Van Duarte (@van0021) on



A photo posted by Alice Lazarenko (@alicetexas) on



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If you’re really crafty (or know someone who is), you can even create your own Beyoncé apparel and accessories, from t-shirts and hats to intricate nail art, like this excellent work inspired by “Lemonade”:


A photo posted by Candy Nail Bar (@candynailbar) on


The Casual Look

Remember, the most important thing is to be comfortable! Beyoncé concerts can last for several hours, including possible sets from her opening acts. Whether your look is Beyoncé related or not, it’s important to make sure that you’re ready to sing and dance along to all your favorite songs when she takes the stage.


A post shared by Sydney Roberts (@_sydnatious_) on


A photo posted by Sarah Wisser (@s_wisser) on



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If Beyoncé is performing at an outdoor venue, the show will go on even if it’s raining. For outdoor shows especially, it never hurts to come prepared with umbrellas or ponchos that will protect your original style for when the rain dies down.

Updated 8/18

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