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7 Best-Selling Musicians Alive Today

December 12, 2018

Musicians hold themselves responsible for creating wonderful works of art. Not only do they do it for the artistry and as a means of expression, but they also work hard to make sure they are able to make ends meet.

For a lucky few, their careers take them to unimaginable heights that exceed their dreams. Theyre the ones who go on to acquire many spoils such as luxury cars, gated mansions and Swiss bank accounts. But it could only have been accomplished by means of hard work and huge sales.

On that note, were going to take a look at some of the best-selling musicians alive today.

Paul McCartney

Does Sir James Paul McCartney know anything but a life of musical success and stardom? The Beatles sold over 250 million albums, with whom he was instrumental in bringing their innovative sound and chart-topping hits from the U.K. to the U.S.

But McCartney himself has sold over 60 million certified albums as a solo artist. His most recent offering was Egypt Station, which made its #1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Thats a 36-year gap from his last #1, Tug of War in 1982. Not bad Paul, not bad at all.

Elton John

Another knighted artist, Sir Elton John, has enjoyed a career spanning over six decades. Hes blessed the world with hits, ranging from his early folk-rock tunes to the more sensitive piano ballads that soothed so many of us over the years.

With that all said, Elton John has sold at least 183 million units, although some claim that hes sold somewhere between 250-300 million albums. And at age 71, Elton John is still going strong having just finished his Las Vegas residency/show, The Million Dollar Piano, on May 17, 2018.

Phil Collins

The self-taught multi-instrumentalist and former lead singer of Genesis has had one of the most prolific musical careers in history. Of course, he gave us a variety of hits with all sorts of musical twists such as the mournful Against All Odds to the melancholic In The Air Tonight.

To top it all off, Phil Collins has sold over 89 million albums, with some estimates putting that number closer to 150 million. Collins saddened many fans when he announced his retirement due to health problems that affected his ability to perform, but he has since come out of retirement. With that said, does that mean well get one more album, Phil?


From an outdoorsy girl in Barbados to an international pop icon, Rihanna has done it all. She first hit the scene with family-friendly dancehall/pop hits, gradually transitioning into more risque R&B/hip-hop tracks and back again. Shes also transformed her look many times to coincide with the release of almost every album.

We can say her chameleon-like ways have worked for her, considering how many chart-toppers Rihanna has earned. And of course, her albums sales are no slouch either - shes sold at least 264 million certified units to date.  


He was once the guy no parent wanted their kid to listen to, but controversy couldnt keep Eminems talent and influence on a leash. His breathless flows, superb storytelling and intricate rhymes turned him into a hip-hop icon in the 2000s.

Eminems verbal dexterity and hitmaking ability have propelled the rap genius to sell nearly 220 million certified units over the past two decades. Although critics and fans alike think that hes lost his touch in terms of subject matter, Slim Shady still proved that hes untouchable in terms of technical rapping skill on his latest chart-topper, Kamikaze.

Mariah Carey

The reigning pop/R&B diva of the 90s, Mariah Carey blew the world away with her massive pipes - a five-octave vocal range matched by few. Shes wielded her instrument to belt everything from heartwarming pop and R&B ballads to more hip-hop-oriented bangers.

Of course, her talents have allowed her to sell 139.3 million certified units over a period of three decades, although some estimates put the number closer to 200 million. Even though younger stars such as Ariana Grande (who has an equally impressive vocal range) have picked up the torch, Mariah continues to make herself heard on the charts.

Bruno Mars

Weve never doubted Bruno Mars ability - hes got killer vocal chops, fluid songwriting ability and the guy is a natural-born performer. But we really think 24K Magic showcased all of that, along with the fact that he can craft music in virtually any style or genre. He can hold his own singing R&B ballads, Michael Jackson-esque pop hits or hip-hop style anthems.

Brunos success is undeniable in terms of sales as well. Hes sold at least 130 million certified units, and were predicting that he still has plenty more to sell. The skys truly the limit for Mr. Mars.

Strength In Numbers

These artists have sold more albums than many could ever imagine. They couldnt have done it without die-hard fans, talent, grit and persistence. And while its true that sales dont always sync up with musical quality, these artists surely delivered on both with the numbers prove it.

We might have missed some other artists who clearly belong on this list, but well be back with another post to honor their achievements.

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