• Concert Photography: Tips for How to Take Pictures at a Concert

    Concert Photography: Tips for How to Take Pictures at a Concert

    Jan 25, 2017 5:24 PM by Amy

    Concert Photo Tips

    Whether you’ve splurged on front-row seats, or prefer to take it all in from the upper deck, concertgoers are united by a desire to capture and preserve the event’s many priceless moments.

    Technological improvements have made most smart phones the camera of choice these days, while apps like Instagram and Snapchat help distribute the images to the masses.

    Though anyone with a camera has the ability to take a picture, there are likely many seeking tips on the best ways to go about doing so, especially when attending a concert where things like lighting and movement can make it difficult to get the shots you want.

    To help assist in that endeavor, we’ve rounded up some of the web’s best concert photography tips for iPhone, Android, and even the pros. Additionally, check out the videos at the very bottom that provide suggestions for the best camera apps for iPhone and Android users.


    General Picture-Taking Tips

    While concert photography is of course its own beast, we did find that there were a few videos with general picture-taking suggestions that just might come in handy when you’re at you’re next show.

    Key Takeaways: Light, composition, and focus, background information on the Mobile Photography Awards


    Key Takeaways: The first in a series of “How to” videos, get a primer on the basics for quality picture-taking, and dive deeper into more specific topics through her channel.


    Key Takeaways: This one is tongue-in-cheek, so while not all of it is endorsed by us, we did find some of his suggestions to be valid.



    Concert Photography Tips – iPhone

    Key Takeaways: Use a grid, focus and re-compose, implement layers and textures


    Key Takeaways: Different modes, adjust focus, experiment with flash – Includes a concert photo example


    Key Takeaways: 10 general tips for using the built-in camera app, plus a nice explanation of “HDR”


    Read This: If videos aren’t your thing, be sure to check out: How To Shoot Incredible Music Photography With iPhone, which offers a detailed and well-organized array of tips.


    Concert Photography Tips – Android

    Key Takeaways: 10 easily consumable tips aimed at correcting common mistakes among Android users.



    How to Take Professional Pictures at a Concert

    Key Takeaways: Firsthand advice from an experienced pro covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to exposure, lighting, making friends with the bouncers, etc.



    Best Camera Apps

    If you’re not impressed with the camera apps that come with your phone, watch these videos for tips on other camera apps that can help elevate your next round of picture taking.


    Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps


    Top 5 Android Camera Apps

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