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Vivid Seats Names Top Female Performers in Every State

March 07, 2022 by Madison Marx

The Top Female Performers in Every State

While the most popular female concert performers reflect multiple genres and generations, they have a few things in common: talent, success, and the fandom to show for it. 

Analyzing ticket sales from 2015 to present day, Vivid Seats teamed up with Boohoo to reveal each state's favorite female artist across different genres. 

It was no surprise to us that Taylor Swift came out on top as the most popular artist in a total of 18 different states! The Swifties are one of the most devout fandoms and are spread far and wide across the country.

Close behind Swift is the Queen B herself. Beyoncé has always been one of the biggest names in the industry, so seeing her dominate concert ticket sales in 13 different states is no surprise. 

Lizzo, Carrie Underwood and Blackpink also are represented in their respective genres. 

Want to see your state's most popular female artist? Check out our full list below: 

State Top Artist General
Alabama Beyonce
Alaska Norah Jones
Arizona Adele
Arkansas Carrie Underwood
California Beyonce
Colorado Billie Eilish
Connecticut Taylor Swift
Delaware Taylor Swift
Florida Beyonce
Georgia Taylor Swift
Hawaii Janet Jackson
Idaho Cher
Illinois Beyonce
Indiana Taylor Swift
Iowa Shania Twain
Kansas P!nk
Kentucky Taylor Swift
Louisiana Beyonce
Maine Taylor Swift
Maryland Taylor Swift
Massachusetts Taylor Swift
Michigan Beyonce
Minnesota Taylor Swift
Mississippi Taylor Swift
Missouri Taylor Swift
Montana Cher
Nebraska Taylor Swift
Nevada Taylor Swift
New Hampshire Taylor Swift
New Jersey Beyonce
New Mexico Janet Jackson
New York Beyonce
North Carolina Beyonce
North Dakota P!nk
Ohio Taylor Swift
Oklahoma Carrie Underwood
Oregon P!NK
Pennsylvania Beyonce
Rhode Island Taylor Swift
South Carolina Beyonce
South Dakota Carrie Underwood
Tennessee Taylor Swift
Texas Beyonce
Utah Celine Dion
Vermont Taylor Swift
Virginia Beyonce
Washington Billie Eilish
West Virginia Taylor Swift
Wisconsin P!NK
Wyoming  P!NK 

Not only did we find the artist who sold the most tickets in general in each state, we also found the top selling R&B, Rap, Pop, Country and K-Pop artists in each state. View the entire interactive map over at Boohoo. 

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