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We Are WishMakers | Vivid Seats x Make-A-Wish

April 02, 2024 by Vivid Seats

Live event moments can shape our most vivid memories. That’s why we’re continuing our partnership with Make-A-Wish®, so we can extend that same level of joy and amazement to children and families bravely battling devastating critical illnesses.  

Since partnering with Make-A-Wish on Nov. 11, 2022, we’ve helped grant 28 wishes to wish kids and their families. This includes over 130 tickets to top events like the CFP National Championship, NCAA Final Four, Dayton 500 and more.   

This April marks World Wish Month™, and we’re proud to announce that we are matching donations up to $250K throughout the month of April through our charitable foundation, Vivid Cheers. Become a WishMaker® today and give children with critical illnesses the hope and strength they need to fight.

Become a WishMaker Today

Featured Wish: Mya’s Story  

At just 5 years old, Mya is fighting a daily battle against a nervous system disorder and uses a wheelchair. Despite these challenges, “she is a bright star,” said Mya’s dad, Elias. “She brings joy to everybody she meets.”  

When Make-A-Wish came into Mya’s life, she made an imaginative request: Mya wished to meet and ride a unicorn whom she would name Clover. “I love unicorns and I wanted to meet one in real life. Thinking about my wish made me feel calm. It made me feel special-er than anyone.”  

Thanks to a group of caring WishMakers in her community, Mya’s whimsical wish came true. Rachel, the founder of an equestrian center in Mya’s hometown, was one of those WishMakers. Rachel and her staff recruited local volunteers to help decorate the center and transform Clover, a white pony – and she found that many of those volunteers had also been previously impacted by other children’s wish experiences. “Mya’s wish taught me that when you are part of granting a wish, it has a lasting impact on people’s lives,” Rachel said. “I think as a business owner that it’s important to give back to your community, because without our community, businesses wouldn’t be here. We exist to serve. And when we get to give back in this way, what an amazing way to serve above and beyond.  

Erin, a barn manager at the center, also found Mya’s wish experience to be truly fulfilling. “I think it’s really important, especially with kids, to give them those experiences and to make their day happy and special. Whether it takes us until 11 o’clock at night to get the barn ready, or the pony needs seven baths, I think it’s just our duty to do that for that child." 

Featured Wish: Jayce 

Before Jayce was even born, doctors were concerned about his bladder. Jayce was delivered prematurely and rushed to the NICU to stabilize breathing. Unable to hold their baby and using a Q-tip to feed Jayce drops of milk while intubated, Jayce’s parents felt helpless.  

Further testing confirmed severe kidney damage and end-stage renal disease. “Learning about his diagnosis was very scary,” said Jayce’s dad. “How will he be? Will he survive?” Dialysis would be inevitable and required strict schedules to maintain Jayce’s treatment and fluid levels. Finally, after two years of waiting, Jayce’s family received the call that his new kidney was ready for transplant. Today, Jayce receives maintenance medication and check-ups, and is now enjoying life with his new kidney. 

Jayce was referred to Make-A-Wish as he recovered from his transplant. Fascinated with firetrucks, Jayce wished to be a firefighter. Chad, a battalion chief at a fire department in Jayce's community, jumped at the chance to plan a memorable wish experience as soon as he heard about it. He pulled together all the other firefighters to start brainstorming how they could pull off giving Jayce the firefighting wish of a lifetime. 

On Jayce's big day, Chad and his team took Jayce on a firetruck ride, navigated a smoke room, extinguished a real fire and hosted Jayce for a family meal, which is an essential part of firehouse culture. 

For Chad, being a part of a wish was more than giving Jayce a life-changing experience. It was a chance for his entire team to have something positive to focus on at work. "Being able to watch him just light up and get excited made us excited again for our job. He helped us as much as we helped him that day." 

Featured Wish: Luke’s Story  

In the middle of a family vacation, Luke’s health took an unexpected turn for the worst. His family rushed the 4-year-old to the closest hospital where he received a devastating cancer diagnosis. “In life, you hope not to go through this experience as a father,” said Luke’s dad, Michael. “Everybody was scared.” 

Luke’s year-long medical journey began immediately and included surgery, chemo, radiation and immunotherapy. “He handled the entire treatment like a champ, and we're very grateful for where he is today,” said Luke’s mom, Kristina. “We always tried to look at the positives … Make-A-Wish would be the biggest part of that positive experience.” 

Luke loves the ocean. During treatment, visits to a calming coastline brought him peace. For his wish, Luke longed for fun in the sun and wished to go to the beach. “When my wish came true, I was so excited!” Luke said. On Luke’s wish trip, the entire family found solace as they soaked in the surf and sand. From the thrill of jet skis to a 6 a.m. ocean sunrise, Luke lit up with joy and was especially grateful to share the experience with his brother, Pete. 

“I felt that this wish, for the first time, brought us peace,” Michael said. “We were a family. We had laughter. We had joy. We had a lot of good times, and we didn't worry about the world. We were just worried about us and our family." 

To Luke, WishMakers mean “joy and happiness,” and it's because of an entire community of Corporate WishMakers who helped transform Luke's life. From his airline flight, to transportation, lodging, excursions and meals, Luke was able to have a wish experience that he'll remember forever – thanks to WishMakers like you. “There are not enough words to say how thankful we are that you chose to help somebody in need,” Kristina said. “If you are considering becoming a WishMaker, the answer is yes – do it.” 

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