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American Airlines Center Concerts: Seating for Live Music in Dallas

July 06, 2016 by Alyssa

American Airlines Center seating

Dallas’ American Airlines Center opened in 2001, and the spacious arena has been the site of countless live entertainment shows in Texas in the decades since the venue first opened its doors. Known for hosting large-scale events throughout the year, the American Airlines Arena is a regular destination for the world’s top concert tours from icons like Madonna, Metallica, AC/DC, and more.



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For help deciding which seats you should choose when you next see a concert at American Airlines Center, read our full guide to the arena’s seating chart below. You can also jump to view a complete schedule of upcoming American Airlines Center concerts to choose your seat for the show.

American Airlines Center Concert Seating

There is seating available throughout every level of the American Airlines Center seating chart when concerts come to town. This includes options on the arena floor, as well as in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels. You can see all the different divisions of arena seating in the image below.


American Airlines Center Floor Level Seating Views

The lowest level where fans can sit for arena concerts at American Airline Center is the floor. This area is generally set up with the main stage at one end and rows of seats or a general admission area facing that stage. Some artists may have different stage configurations or seating preferences that will affect which seating options are available on the floor, but generally the floor is the closest you can get to performers.


American Airlines Center Lower Level Seating Views

Just one step above the floor, the Lower Level marks the first area where fans can sit in permanent stadium-style seating. Some fans prefer to sit in the Lower Level over the floor, since you can generally see over the fans who are located on the Floor Level.


American Airlines Center Middle Level Seating Views

The Middle Level is one of the smallest levels in the arena, since its sections don’t fully wrap around the floor. The sections within the Middle Level are also generally smaller than those in other levels, making seats in this area feel a little more exclusive than those in other sections. Even in the video below, taken from the 200 Level behind the stage, you can see how close these seats feel to the performance.


American Airlines Center Upper Level Seating Views

Last up in the arena is the Upper Level, which stands above the Middle Level. The seats in this section will be farthest from the floor, and therefore, these options are usually the most affordable. That being said, fans generally enjoy the sound from this level even when they can’t see the performers up close.


American Airlines Center Concerts

To find the American Airlines Center concert you want to see live, click the red “Tickets” button below to be connected with the most up-to-date schedule of upcoming events. When the next page loads, you’ll be able to check out all the upcoming events and see their respective seating charts.

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