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A Look at the Super Bowl LIII Odds Straight From Vegas

February 01, 2019

Whether or not you bet on Super Bowl outcomes, youre more than likely a bit curious as to what the odds are looking like. You want to know what pundits and sports betting websites are saying about your team, or the team you hope will lose.

With that said, were going to take a look at Super Bowl LIII odds from Vegas, so that you have a glimpse of who the expectant champion and underdogs will be. There are many aspects of the game for which bets have been placed, so lets focus in on a few of them.

Super Bowl LIII Champion Odds

Well cut to the chase here and tell you that the New England Patriots are favored to win Super Bowl LIII. The advantage here isnt huge by any stretch, but New England is slightly more favored for the win than the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl LIII Win/Lose Odds
New England Patriots2 (-120)150 0 58(-110)
Los Angeles Rams 2 (+100)125 U 58(-110)

Super Bowl LIII MVP Odds

The discussion around the MVP odds has become a bit nuanced because you can make a case for several players to receive the honor. No matter who you choose, as long as they are at the top of the following list, you have a strong case:

Super Bowl LIII MVP Odds
Tom Brady -125
Jared Goff +220
Todd Gurley+800
Sony Michel +1000
C.J. Anderson+2500
Aaron Donald +1500
James White +2200
Julian Edelman +2500
Brandin Cooks +4000
Robert Woods +4000
Rob Gronkowski+2500
Stephen Gostkowski+6000
Greg Zuerlein +8500
Rex Burkhead+8500
Aqib Talib+10000
Dante Fowler Jr. +10000
Chris Hogan +10000
Cory Littleton+10000
Josh Reynolds +10000
Trey Flowers+10000
Ndamukong Suh+10000
Cordarelle Patterson+12500
Donta Hightower+15000
Gerald Everett+20000
John Johnson+20000
Kyle Van Noy +10000
Marcus Peters +12500
Michael Brookers+15000
Stephon Gilmore+15000
Devin McCourty+25000
Elandon Roberts+25000
Lamarcus Joyner+25000
Mark Barron +25000
Patrick Chung+25000
Phillip Dorsett+25000
Tyler Higbee+25000
James Develin+50000
Mathew Slater+50000

Super Bowl LIII MVPs First Thank Odds

Part of Super Bowl finale tradition is for players to pay their respects to those who have helped them reach the podium. Bets have been placed regarding who the MVP winner will thank first for their success. This is one of the more up-for-grabs odds, which are just fun to guess even though theyre not specific to players performances.

Super Bowl LIII MVP Thank First Odds
Who Gets ThankedOdds
Does Not Thank Anyone or Mention Anyone on List+370

Super Bowl LIII: First Player to Score a Touchdown Odds

Wholl score the first touchdown? Hopefully, its a player whos on the team youre backing! With that said, the bets are on for the player who will score the first touchdown of the game from either squad.

Super Bowl LIII MVP First to Score a Touchdown Odds
Sony Michel (NE)+450
Julian Edelman (NE)+900
James White (NE)+900
Rex Burkhead (NE)+1400
Chris Hogan (NE)+2000
Phillip Dorsett (NE)+2500
Cordarrelle Patterson (NE)+2500
James Develin (NE)+3800
Tom Brady (NE) Rushing TD+5000
Patriots Defense or Special Team (NE)+3300
No TD Scorer+7500
Todd Gurley (LAR)+450
Robert Woods (LAR)+700
Brandin Cooks (LAR)+700
C.J. Anderson (LAR)+1000
Josh Reynolds (LAR)+2200
Gerald Everett (LAR)+2800
Rams Defense or Special Team (LAR)+3300
Tyler Higbee (LAR)+4000
Jared Goff (LAR) +5000
Khadarel Hodge (LAR)+5000
Rob Gronkowski (NE)+900

Super Bowl LIII: QB Performance Odds

One of the reasons why Super Bowl LIII is so exciting comes from the fact that we have two quarterbacks from different generations competing against each other. Youve got the veteran and the legend, Tom Brady, whos 41 going up against the young up-and-comer, Jared Goff, whos 24.

To put the age difference in further context, Jared Goff was just seven years old when Tom Brady beat the Rams at Super Bowl XXXVI back in 2002 (Brady was 24 then). With that said here are a few odds regarding their expected performances.

Total Passing Yards Odds
Tom BradyO 314 (-115)
Tom BradyU 314 (-115)

Jared GoffO 285 (-115)
Jared GoffU 285 (-115)

Total Pass Completions
Tom BradyO 27 (+100)
Tom BradyU 27 (-130)

Jared GoffO 24 (-115)
Jared GoffU 24 (-115)

Total Pass Attempts
Tom Brady O 39 (-115)
Tom Brday U 39 (-115)

Jared GoffO 37 (-120)
Jared GoffU 37 (-110)

Super Bowl LIII Odds: The Countdown is Ticking

The big game is just a couple days out and the countdown to see it unfold is almost over. With these odds in mind, we know that some of you are puffing up your chests while the rest of you might be rolling your eyes. Regardless of where you stand, just know that the expected can turn into the unexpected in an instant.

Ultimately, our hope is that all of you have an exciting Super Bowl night, whether you watch it at home, a sports bar or elsewhere. For those of you who want to nab some last minute deals, make sure to get your Super Bowl LIII tickets to save big!

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