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Patriots Back to Full Strength

August 28, 2009 by ben

After the difficult year they had last year, the New England Patriots are going back into their normal way of playing football. Last year, you’ll remember that the Patriots were potentially headed back to the Super Bowl and could also have a season at 16-0 once again. But in Week 1, Tom Brady went down with a knee injury and the team had to do the whole season without him. With fill-in QB Matt Cassel, the team still went 11-5 and just barely missed the playoffs in one of the NFL’s most competitive divisions. But this isn’t good news for their AFC competitors. If the team can lose their point man for the year and still have an 11-win season, this means that they have some great depth on the team. The other players were able to step up big time! They got the running game down pat now and their defense was (and is) a major force to be reckoned with. Although some of their most talented players have departed to other cities, they have other strong players who will take their place. When the team comes into the 2009 season, it will be even more exciting, because the expectations are so high, but the team’s ability is also very high. Can they make it back into the NFL’s elite? How will Brady return from his injury and take the hard hits? All these questions will be answered between now and January and you can be there to find out. Get Patriots tickets and be there for possible history in the making!

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