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Santas Time

December 25, 2008 by nick

Now that it’s finally Christmas, Santa’s got no more presents on the mind...just 2 weeks of anticipation for the BCS National Championship game between the number 1 Oklahoma Sooners and the number 2 Florida Gators. The Christmas Santa we all know changes after his big day is done. Back goes his red sleigh into the garage and out comes his ’92 silver V50 Volvo with "Halen Rocks!" decal on the back windshield. Back go the reindeers into their musky crates and out comes Santa’s Natty Ice. No more red suit, just a pair of old Lehigh South High School gym sweatpants and "Bun in the Oven," mustard-stained gray t-shirt. This is Santa’s time now. Time to deepen that groove on his recliner chair and get Cheetoh dust in his big white beard. Santa, however, has no team to pull for in the big bowl game. He just likes the intense action and strong play of the best the nation has to offer. If you, on the other hand, need to show your support for either team or you simply don’t want to experience the biggest game of the year from a living room, check out the great deals we have on BCS Championship tickets.

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