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Did The Maple Leafs Troll Calgary With An Argos Grey Cup Celebration?

December 07, 2017

Being a conspiracy theorist is usually pretty weird and dangerousunless its a harmless sports conspiracy theory!

Is it possible that the Toronto Maple Leafs were deliberately trolling the Calgary Flames last night?Heres the evidence: The Leafs hosted the Flames, and prior to the game they played a montage of the Toronto Argonauts dramatic come-from-behind Grey Cup victory over the Calgary Stampeders, followed by a ceremony honoring the team.Now, it could be a coincidence, since it was indeed the Leafs first home game since the Grey Cup victory, but at the very least, they didnt choose a different night to have the ceremony to not rub it in Calgarys face.Just sayin.

Watch the full condensed game between the Leafs and Flames courtesy of

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