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Most Popular MLB Teams By US State

July 10, 2015 by Amy

Most Popular MLB Teams

As the 2015 MLB All-Star Game quickly approaches, we decided to take a look at popularity across the league for the year thus far. Using the billing state for all MLB orders as of July 7, we were able to determine each state's most popular MLB teams according to overall percentage of tickets sold.

For example, in Arizona, the Diamondbacks are the most popular team with 53% of all MLB tickets sold in the state. The Chicago Cubs, who spend spring training in Mesa, are Arizona's second-most popular team with 12% of tickets sold.

While many of the top teams weren't necessarily surprising, such as the Boston Red Sox easily winning most popular in Massachusetts, or the Detroit Tigers dominating sales in Michigan, in the case of second-most popular, or states without an MLB team, we did uncover several items of note featured below.

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*17 different teams are the most popular in states without professional baseball:

Braves - Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Mariners - Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon
Cardinals - Arkansas
Red Sox - Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Reds - Indiana, Kentucky
Royals - Kansas, Nebraska
Dodgers - Nevada, Utah
Rangers - New Mexico, Oklahoma
Twins - North Dakota, South Dakota
Phillies - Delaware
Nationals - Virginia
Giants - Hawaii
Cubs - Iowa
Astros - Louisiana
Yankees - New Jersey
Pirates - West Virginia
Rockies - Wyoming

*12 teams are the most popular in more than one state:

6 states - Red Sox, Braves
5 states - Mariners
3 states - Twins, Rangers, Reds, Dodgers
2 states - Royals, Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs, Rockies

*7 teams are not the most popular in any state: Blue Jays, Rays, Indians, White Sox, Angels, A's, Padres

*The Cardinals are the second-most popular team in 7 different states to lead the league, followed by the Cubs with 6.


Data reflects sales for the entire 2015 MLB season as of July 7.


Most Popular MLB Teams By US State
State Team % of Tickets Sold Team % of Tickets Sold
Alabama Atlanta Braves 63 St. Louis Cardinals 6
Alaska Seattle Mariners 38 Arizona Diamondbacks 9
Arizona Arizona Diamondbacks 53 Chicago Cubs 12
Arkansas St. Louis Cardinals 46 Texas Rangers 14
California Los Angeles Dodgers 60 San Francisco Giants 21
Colorado Colorado Rockies 83 Chicago Cubs/Los Angeles Dodgers 2
Connecticut Boston Red Sox 41 New York Yankees 22
Delaware Philadelphia Phillies 42 Baltimore Orioles 31
Florida Miami Marlins 22 Tampa Bay Rays 17
Georgia Atlanta Braves 85 Boston Red Sox 2
Hawaii San Francisco Giants 22 Los Angeles Dodgers 19
Idaho Seattle Mariners 38 Los Angeles Dodgers 10
Illinois Chicago Cubs 42 St. Louis Cardinals 21
Indiana Cincinnati Reds 27 Chicago Cubs 25
Iowa Chicago Cubs 22 St. Louis Cardinals 20
Kansas Kansas City Royals 86 St. Louis Cardinals 3
Kentucky Cincinnati Reds 62 St. Louis Cardinals 12
Louisiana Houston Astros 27 Texas Rangers 21
Maine Boston Red Sox 72 Baltimore Orioles 6
Maryland Baltimore Orioles 55 Washington Nationals 33
Massachusetts Boston Red Sox 83 Washington Nationals 4
Michigan Detroit Tigers 86 Chicago Cubs 3
Minnesota Minnesota Twins 70 Los Angeles Dodgers 7
Mississippi Atlanta Braves 31 St. Louis Cardinals 26
Missouri St. Louis Cardinals 48 Kansas City Royals 43
Montana Seattle Mariners 27 Colorado Rockies 12
Nebraska Kansas City Royals 52 Colorado Rockies 10
Nevada Los Angeles Dodgers 25 San Francisco Giants 22
New Hampshire Boston Red Sox 80 Baltimore Orioles 3
New Jersey New York Yankees 26 Philadelphia Phillies 23
New Mexico Texas Rangers 17 Arizona Diamondbacks 17
New York New York Mets 32 New York Yankees 30
North Carolina Atlanta Braves 28 Washington Nationals 11
North Dakota Minnesota Twins 55 Chicago Cubs 9
Ohio Cincinnati Reds 38 Cleveland Indians 34
Oklahoma Texas Rangers 28 Kansas City Royals 19
Oregon Seattle Mariners 51 San Francisco Giants 15
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pirates 60 Philadelphia Phillies 19
Rhode Island Boston Red Sox 77 New York Yankees 5
South Carolina Atlanta Braves 45 Boston Red Sox 9
South Dakota Minnesota Twins 50 Colorado Rockies 12
Tennessee Atlanta Braves 32 St. Louis Cardinals 25
Texas Texas Rangers 51 Houston Astros 31
Utah Los Angeles Dodgers 16 San Francisco Giants 14
Vermont Boston Red Sox 61 New York Yankees 8
Virginia Washington Nationals 72 Baltimore Orioles 11
Washington Seattle Mariners 90 San Francisco Giants 2
West Virginia Pittsburgh Pirates 51 Cincinnati Reds 21
Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers 78 Chicago Cubs 6
Wyoming Colorado Rockies 67 Arizona Diamondbacks 4

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