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Most Popular MLB Teams by County

February 23, 2023 by Madison Marx

America’s pastime remains a cherished tradition in all pockets of the U.S.  

While people continue to come together through the shared experience of catching an MLB game, different teams are more popular from one region to the next.  

Which MLB team wields the most fan power in the ballpark? To find the top MLB team in your county, view the interactive map below.  

America is #ForTheA 

Why are the Braves the most popular MLB team throughout the South?  

The franchise can thank Ted Turner and TBS. Braves games were frequently broadcasted on the channel, which helped introduce the team to baseball fans across the country throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s.  

Their television history—coupled with their massive success throughout the ‘90s—leaves the Braves as the most popular team in the region and the team claiming the title of “most popular” in the most counties nationwide.  

In total, 553 counties favor the Braves. The Cardinals—with a stranglehold on Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas—are  second with 357 counties. 

Astros vs. Rangers 

It comes as no surprise that the two Lone Star State fan bases are starkly divided in the middle of Texas, with the Astros claiming the south and the Rangers claiming the north.  

The Rangers come in as the fourth most popular MLB team in the entire country, with 221 counties in total. The Astros rank No. 8 in the nation with 158 counties.  

The Diamondbacks, who are located 445 miles away from Chase Field, are the favorites in El Paso County.  

Rockies Stronghold  

The Rockies enjoy a spattering of counties across the region. They dominate their home turf and claim significant territory in Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and Utah.  

The further away from Denver that one looks—toward Idaho and Nevada—the more tangled rooting interests become.  

Take Lemhi County in Idaho, located 754 miles from Denver. The top team there? The Rangers. Neighboring Custer County favors the Angels. These are sparsely populated counties, located far away from major league stadiums. No MLB team has a particularly strong foundation of support. 

No Love for Oakland 

The Athletics have the least number of counties on the map of any MLB team. They face stiff competition across the bay from the Giants, who have won the World Series eight times.  

The Dodgers have the strongest presence of fans in SoCal, with the Angels claiming Orange County and the Padres claiming San Diego and Imperial County.  

Red Sox in Florida  

Perhaps you can call it the Fenway Effect. Or maybe it’s the presence of former Massachusetts residents who’ve escaped to the Sunshine State for a warmer climate. Or it could be a testament to the team’s enduring popularity amongst baseball fans. 

It’s not entirely clear why, but the Red Sox are the top team in two Florida counties: Lee and Collier, located along Florida’s Gulf Coast.  

Many New York and New Jersey transplants have stuck with their team allegiances in Florida as well. Excluding ticket sales for spring training games, the Mets still claimed territory in three counties along Florida’s East Coast.   

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