• New NBA Jerseys Rumored Ahead of 2013-14 Season
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    New NBA Jerseys Rumored Ahead of 2013-14 Season

    Sep 25, 2013 3:14 PM by Tim


    The start of another thrilling year of NBA basketball is quickly approaching, and, as usual, one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the upcoming season is the chance for fans to finally see all of the newly acquired players in their new uniforms. Even if your team didn’t make many personnel changes, general wardrobe updates are on the way for many franchises, ranging from sleeved jerseys, to alternates, and the potential for fans to purchase a “King James” jersey. Find more details below on what you can expect from various teams with just over a month to go before the start of the 2013-14 NBA schedule.

    Sleeved Jerseys
    While modern professional basketball jerseys have traditionally featured a sleeveless design, several teams will be sporting short-sleeved uniforms this season. The Golden State Warriors, who were the guinea pigs for the style’s debut at the end of last season, will again don the sleeved alternates several times, and this year, they won’t be alone—several other teams are expected to feature the uniform type as one of their alternate options, including the Phoenix Suns, who have already given fans a glimpse of what they’ll see this year.

    Lakers and Pistons Alternates
    The Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons, owners of two of the NBA’s most iconic jerseys, have decided that the timing is right to spice up their attire for the upcoming season. The Lakers will wear their flashy “Hollywood Nights” uniforms for select games this season, while the Pistons, in a nod to Detroit’s gritty connection to the automobile industry, have announced plans to wear their “Motor City” alternates on Sundays.


    Nickname Jerseys
    While fans knew that former Boston Celtics players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry would be changing the names on the front of their jerseys this season after being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, they likely didn’t expect that the names on the back could be changing as well. According to an AP report, seeing the players’ nicknames—“The Big Ticket,” “The Truth,” and “The Jet,” respectively—on the backs of their uniforms could indeed be a reality, albeit on a limited basis.

    According to the report, the other team being considered for the special occasion is the Miami Heat, which would indeed mean “King James” could be stitched into a LeBron James jersey in the near future.