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NFL 2019-2020 Super Bowl Odds and Predictions

March 20, 2019

Super Bowl LIII ended in a somewhat unspectacular fashion - it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history. Of course, that doesnt matter for New England Patriots fans who celebrated with TB12 and the team for yet another victory.

With the 2018-19 season over, oddsmakers, analysts, and fans are gearing up for the 2019-20 season. Maybe it would be best to let the dust settle a bit before thinking about it, but there are already several predictions and odds that have been made on next season.

Heres a look at the early buzz thats been generated by some of the most influential people and organizations surrounding the NFL.

Super Bowl LIVs Confirmed Details

Before diving into the unknowns and speculation, lets take a quick look at what league organizers have already confirmed.

Super Bowl LIV Venue

Super Bowl LIV will be held at Miami Gardens, Florida at Hard Rock Stadium, which is home to the Miami Dolphins. It will take place on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. Organizers chose Miami back in May 2016 at the NFLs Spring League Meeting. At that same meeting, they had selected Atlanta to host 2019s Super Bowl LIII and Los Angeles to host 2021s Super Bowl LV.

Regarding the 2021 Super Bowl, there has been a change of venue - 2021s Super Bowl LV will actually take place in Tampa Bay, Florida due to construction delays at the Los Angeles Rams new stadium. Therefore, Los Angeles will host Super Bowl LVI in 2022 after the Rams stadium is complete.

Super Bowl LIV Odds & Predictions

Another known fact is what oddsmakers have said about Super Bowl 2020. Minutes after Super Bowl LIII ended, Super Book USAs oddsmakers started to put Super Bowl 2020 predictions together regarding which teams would play and which artists would perform at the halftime show.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favored team to enter Super Bowl LIV with 6-to-1 odds. The Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots trail just a bit behind with 8-to-1 odds.  

As for the halftime show, chart toppers, Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Drake have been voted as the musicians most likely to perform next year. Legacy acts Snoop Dogg and Backstreet Boys round out the ballot.

The 2019-20 Season Predictions: The Rest is Anyones Guess

There are many aspects of the game that are simply unknown, but media outlets and analysts have made their predictions anyway. However, seeing where these predictions are coming from, wed say that some of them have some footing in reasonable logic.

The good folks at SB Nation put together a list of their predictions for the 2019-20 season along with rationales for their predictions.

2019 NFL MVP

Carson Wentz Adam Stites

Andrew Luck Sarah Hardy

Aaron Donald Christian DAndrea

Patrick Mahomes James Brady

Best Explanation: Adam Stites who picked Carson Wentz pointed out that he finished last season with career highs after overcoming an ACL tear injury. Assuming he could stay healthy, 2019 could see him in peak form for the performances hes normally capable of.

Teams to Acquire Antonio Brown

San Francisco 49ers James Brady

Pittsburgh Steelers Sarah Hardy

Jacksonville Jaguars Christian DAndrea

Indianapolis Colts Adam Stites

Best Explanation: James Brady who chose the San Francisco 49ers says that the team will be a perfect fit for Brown since they need a No. 1 wide receiver to pair with tight end George Kittle. Additionally, hed be a great add on to wide receivers Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Garcon and will readily get the ball from Shanahan and Garoppolo. Even better for Brown is the 49ers high cap space which can facilitate a new and better contract for him.

Surprise Playoff Teams

San Francisco 49ers Adam Stites

Cleveland Browns Hector Diaz

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sarah Hardy

Cincinnati Bengals Christian DAndrea

Best Explanation: Christian DAndrea who chose the Cincinnati Bengals believes that an uneven AFC North schedule and the parting of former head coach, Martin Lewis, will propel the team into the postseason.

Teams to Suffer a Crushing Playoff Loss

New Orleans Saints Adam Stites

Atlanta Falcons James Brady

Kansas City Chiefs Christian DAndrea

Best Explanation: James Brady who chose the Atlanta Falcons predicts that the team will suffer a painful playoff loss based on this years disappointing end (and the NFC South being cursed). He recalls the Falcons offensive line collapsing despite their solid lineup of players (although he acknowledged their many injuries) and the potential for it to happen again.

Player to Regress the Most

Patrick Mahomes Hector Diaz

Drew Brees David Fucillo

Christian McCaffrey Christian DAndrea

James Conner James Brady

Best Explanation: David Fucillo who chose Drew Brees cited the quarterbacks MVP-caliber start that led to his age-afflicted decline (hes 40 now) as a prediction for his 2019 season. He believes that Drew Brees will fall off a cliff, Peyton-style.

The folks over at ESPN have also put together their list of predictions, albeit ones that they themselves admit are bold. So heres a disclaimer: the following guesses are a bit on the wild side, so take them a grain of salt.

The Cleveland Browns will win the AFC North

The reasons for this prediction include the fact that the Cleveland Browns went 5-2 over its final seven games, as well as the fact that theyre stacked with young stars. Additionally, they possess a solid offense around quarterback Baker Mayfield, have the third-most projected cap space, and eight picks within the first five rounds of Aprils draft. The Browns future may indeed be bright.

The Jaguars will acquire Nick Foles, somehow, but still miss the playoffs

This prediction seems more in the clouds, so-to-speak, but it comes from a perceived wariness of Foles ending up in the NFC East. With that said, a far-off AFC post like the Jacksonville Jaguars will hold more appeal to Howie Roseman. But of course, the Jaguars arent of the same capacity as the Philadelphia Eagles, and he can only do so much for the team.

The Texans will sign LeVeon Bell to a deal that eclipses Todd Gurleys

This insight comes from the idea that Bell, despite missing all of the 2018-19 season, still is an in-demand running back. The San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and Houston Texans are all in the market, but Houston may offer him the best gig since its offense features quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. If placed on the Texans, his presence can help prime their offense for an AFC title.

Four quarterbacks get drafted in the first round

ESPNs prediction here will be that the following four QBs will be first-round draft picks:

  1. Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State
  2. Kyler Murray of Oklahoma
  3. Drew Lock of Missouri
  4. Danial Jones of Duke

Teams in more desperate need of a quarterback such as the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins will likely deal extra picks to grab the best (and first available) option.

Russell Wilson becomes the highest-paid player in the NFL

After the 2019 season, Wilsons contract will expire and the Seattle Seahawks wont want to let him enter the final year without an extension. Remember, Wilson is a very durable and dependable player. That opens up the possibility for him to sign a contract that can exceed those signed by the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan ($134 million and $150 million respectably).

Super Bowl LIV Predictions - A Game of Wait-and-See

Keep in mind that the majority of what has been mentioned in this post is speculation. Some of them may very well be prophetic, while others may have a slim chance of panning out.

Nevertheless, its interesting to see what analysts, oddsmakers, and other gatekeepers of information have to say about the NFL landscape.

They are, after all, the weather forecasters of football - they might make the wrong predictions, but they still make better guesses than everyone else!

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