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Road to the Super Bowl: Where to Buy 2019 NFL Playoff Tickets and Some Interesting Facts

January 11, 2019

With the Wild Card games beginning on January 5th, we have officially entered the 2019 NFL playoff season. The best teams from both the AFC and the NFC will go head-to-head on a grueling journey until the two best teams go on to battle each other in the Super Bowl.

Heres a quick reminder who these teams are.


2019 NFL Playoff Teams

For the AFC, youve got:

For the NFC, there are:

Are you fans of any of these teams? If so, youre probably wondering how much these tickets cost and where you can get them. As for buying a ticket, you can click on any of the links above or the ones below to attend a wild card or divisional round game.

NFL Playoff Games

Wild Card

  1. Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans (Jan 5, 2019)
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys (Jan 5, 2019)
  3. Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens (Jan 6, 2019)
  4. Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears (Jan 6, 2019)

We have tickets for the divisional round and the Super Bowl below! Now keep in mind that we have to get through the Wild Card round before we can list who is playing in the divisional round and the Super Bowl. Remember to check back here in a weeks time to see the update schedule.

Divisional Round

  1. Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs (Jan 12, 2019)
  2. Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys (Jan 12, 2019)
  3. New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Chargers (Jan 13, 2019)
  4. New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles (Jan 13, 2019)

Conference Championship

  1. New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams
  2. Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

Super Bowl LIII Tickets


5 Interesting Facts About the NFL Playoff Super Bowl Tickets

Theres never a dull moment during playoffs or the Super Bowl. Some of the most incredible feats of athletic ability and skill are showcased during the final weeks in the NFL season, not to mention the entertaining half-show and quirky commercials. With that said, there are some interesting facts about NFL Playoff and Super Bowl tickets which you might have not known before.

  • The most expensive tickets to Super Bowl I (January 15, 1967) went for just $12 USD ($89 today after adjusting for inflation).
  • By 2000, Super Bowl tickets averaged less than $500 (when adjusted for inflation).
  • In the 2010s, the average price jumped to a new high of $1,872 (in 2016).
  • The average cost of a Super Bowl ticket ranges between $2,500-$3,000.
  • The average cost of a playoff ticket is just north of $600.
  • Teams that play in the Super Bowl share 35% of ticket distribution - thats 17.5% going to each team.
  • The host team gets 6.2% of Super Bowl tickets, with the majority of them distributed to season ticket holders.
  • The NFL retains 25.2% of tickets - they are typically sold to partners, media personnel, and sponsors.
  • The NFL doesnt offer an open-to-the-general-public sale of tickets, which means that most fans have to buy tickets on secondary markets (like us).

Get Your Tickets ASAP

The playoffs are going to fly by and before you know it, itll be Super Bowl Sunday. Not only is that a reminder of how quickly the months and a year can go by, but also, its a reminder that tickets will set out fast. So make sure to get your NFL playoff and Super Bowl tickets sooner rather than later. You dont want to miss out!

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