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Top 16 Lady Gaga Wardrobe Choices in Concert

June 30, 2015 by Alyssa

Lady Gaga Outfits

Sometimes crazy but always creative, the wardrobe of Lady Gaga has been a focal point of the multi-Platinum pop star’s career, even before she dropped her debut album in 2008. Look back on some of our favorite outfits from Lady Gaga’s brief but illustrious career on stage, broken down by album era.

Early Years - Pre-2008

Even early in her career, while she was just starting to bill herself as “Lady Gaga,” the young pianist Stefani Germanotta had a penchant for great outfits. This ‘60s mod-style dress and boots helped spice up her performance of “Fever,” a song that later would be recorded by Adam Lambert.


In 2007, Gaga was on the brink of hitting it big. She was touring heavily with Lady Starlight, with whom she made her first Lollapalooza appearance that August. At that time in her career, Lady Gaga wardrobe choices were not yet Hollywood glam or art school chic, but rather felt more punk-inspired.

Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight outfits


The Fame/Fame Monster Era - 2008-2011

Gaga’s early musical success aligned with her rising status as a style icon. In videos and tours surrounding her 2008 debut, “The Fame,” Lady Gaga’s wardrobe relied heavily on her blonde wig with blunt bangs, which went on to become a staple of Halloween stores everywhere. She paired the iconic hairstyle on tour with her famed bubble dress.

Lady Gaga bubble dress


During The Fame Ball, Gaga was also experimenting with new accessories, like this flashy masquerade mask paired with a sculpted disco ball dress.

Lady Gaga disco ball dress


The revamped Monster Ball Tour came at the pinnacle of Gaga’s early mainstream success. The trek featured costume designs by Armani, Prada, Alexander McQueen, and others. It also showcased a change in hairstyle for the fledgling pop star, who opted for a more classic Hollywood look, even as she paired it with aggressive outfits like this pyrotechnic bra.

Lady Gaga pyrotechnic bra


This white dress from the tour was another popular part of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe history, as it would move on its own during her performances on the road.


Born This Way Era - 2011-2013

A popular Lady Gaga outfit from the trek supporting her second studio album featured the New York native on top of a motorcycle. Over the course of the tour, the headgear featured during this part of the setlist would switch from stereotypical leather to a more detailed sculpted metal piece.

Lady Gaga motorcycle outfit


The same tour also featured an intricate costume that hearkened back to the villain of Ridley Scott’s 1979 thriller, “Alien.”

Lady Gaga Alien outfit


One of the most infamous Lady Gaga wardrobe choices was the meat dress featured on her Born This Way Ball Tour. The option she wore on tour was a fake version of the authentic raw beef dress that Franc Fernandez designed for her 2010 VMA appearance.

Lady Gaga meat dress


Gaga’s outfits continued to play with elements of shape and texture during her Born This Way Ball Tour, and masks continued to be a preferred accessory of the pop star.

Lady Gaga scuplted white dress


Artpop Era - 2013-2014

One of the more recent iconic Lady Gaga wardrobe choices on ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour was a living recreation of the “Artpop” album cover, which was designed by American artist Jeff Koons.

Lady Gaga Artpop cover outfit


Many of Gaga’s ArtRave outfits were inspired by real-life artists, such as the Koons-designed piece above. Another famed outfit on the tour seemed to take inspiration from Botticelli’s 15th-century masterpiece, “The Birth of Venus.”

Lady Gaga Artpop cover outfit


Lady Gaga’s tentacle dress was another colorful fixture of the tour supporting “Artpop.”

Lady Gaga tentacle dress


Cheek to Cheek Era - 2014-Present

In 2014, Gaga teamed up with Tony Bennett for the jazzy duets album, “Cheek to Cheek.” The record has been a big hit, but since it Gaga switched from performing cutting-edge pop music to more traditional selections from the Great American Songbook, a corresponding change in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe has also taken place. For her latest outings with crooning legend Tony Bennett, we’ve seen Gaga sporting a few different styles, from blonde bombshell…

Lady Gaga white feather dress with Tony Bennett


…to late ’80s-era Cher…

Lady Gaga Cher hair with Tony Bennett


…to Cleopatra-style Elizabeth Taylor.

Lady Gaga headdress


We can’t wait to see what the singing sensation has up her sleeve for the rest of her co-headlining tour with Tony Bennett. Browse the schedule of upcoming shows to get a firsthand view of the latest Lady Gaga wardrobe choices!

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