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Questions regarding cancelled events? Learn more about our 100% Buyer Guarantee.

Learn more about our 100% Buyer Guarantee.

Class of 1923 Arena

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Class of 1923 Arena Events and Ticket Information

With Vivid Seats, you can experience it live, with tickets for all the live events that Class of 1923 Arena hosts. From the biggest touring acts to the most anticipated sports showdowns across the Philadelphia region, Vivid Seats is your guide to getting to the live event that you love. Browse Class of 1923 Arena tickets and earn Reward Credit when you buy thanks to Vivid Seats Rewards.

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Class of 1923 Arena Concert Tickets

When tours come to the Philadelphia area and make a stop at Class of 1923 Arena, don't miss out! Vivid Seats has Class of 1923 Arena tickets for all the concerts scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

From front row seats to Standing Room Only, Vivid Seats has an exceptional variety of Class of 1923 Arena concert tickets.

Class of 1923 Arena Sports Tickets

Vivid Seats is your source for any Class of 1923 Arena sports tickets you need. For games, matches or events taking place in Class of 1923 Arena or any other venue near Philadelphia, Vivid Seats will help you experience the excitement in person and be a part of the crowd.

Class of 1923 Arena Theater Tickets

Class of 1923 Arena theater tickets may be available for performances ranging from standup comedy to musicals. The lineup of performances at Class of 1923 Arena will vary by year and by season.

Class of 1923 Arena Information: Table of Contents

Where is Class of 1923 Arena?

Class of 1923 Arena is located at 3130 Walnut St in Philadelphia, PA.

How much are tickets at Class of 1923 Arena?

What concerts are happening at Class of 1923 Arena in 2022?

to find the full list of Class of 1923 Arena concerts that have already been announced, across all genres, such as Rock, Pop, Country, Rap and K-pop. New concerts are announced frequently, for both Class of 1923 Arena and other venues across the Philadelphia area.

What is the capacity of Class of 1923 Arena?

of fans allowed into Class of 1923 Arena varies by event.

What are the best seats at Class of 1923 Arena?

to find the best tickets with a view that's perfect for you.

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