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The Target Audiences for Political Convention Music Performers

August 26, 2020 by Stephen Spiewak

Music--both live and recorded--has played a rather significant role in the fabric of poltical conventions. In fact, the precedent for live music at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions dates back to 1860

The tradition has continued through the years, highlighted by performances such as Marie and Donny Osmond (Republican National Convention, 1980), Three Doors Down (RNC, 2012) and Katy Perry (Democratic National Convention, 2016):

If the selections of musicians and other celebrities are carefully considered decisions, than the artists who perform can provide insight into who each party is attempting to resonate with.

Vivid Seats analyzed the performers at the 2020 conventions through the lens of proprietary age and gender data for the fan bases of each performer.

Interact with the chart below to explore who each party may be trying to reach through a given performer:


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