MARCH 2011

  • VCU Headlines 2011 Final Four

    VCU Headlines 2011 Final Four

    Sports news Year after year, ESPN bracketologists and office pool prognosticators find themselves flabbergasted at the unpredictability of the NCAA Tournament. Forecasting March Madness has turned into multi-million dollar industry in itself. Despite the tourney being nearly impossible to predict, countless Americans (many of whom are not basketball fans) participate in bracket pools with friends… more

  • Drivers Ramping Up to Indy 500

    Drivers Ramping Up to Indy 500

    Sports news The Indianapolis 500 will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the very first Indy 500, as well as, the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Over 250,000 thousands spectators will witness Indy's centennial race on May 29th, partaking in the festivities in and around the speedway. Race officials have set the race time back an hour this year to 12 PM, giving drivers… more

  • Countdown to Selection Sunday

    Countdown to Selection Sunday

    Sports news Cinderella dreams will be both crushed and realized this weekend. As American sports fans brace for Selection Sunday, NCAA teams from across the country stage last ditch efforts to secure automatic bids in conference tournament play. The top seeds in the NCAA Tournament appear to be going to Ohio State and Kansas, while Pitt, Notre Dame, and Duke are all in contention for the two rema… more

  • 2011 Big Ten Tournament Tips Off Next Week

    2011 Big Ten Tournament Tips Off Next Week

    Sports news The Big Ten Tournament should be spectacular this year with three of the conference's teams currently ranked in the Top 10. #1 Ohio State, #6 Purdue, and #10 Wisconsin all have legitimate Final Four aspirations this season. The top-seeded team in the Big Ten tourney has won it all the past three out of four years, but that doesn't mean we won?t see a surprise team capture the … more