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Most Popular NBA Teams By US State

November 24, 2015 by Amy

Most Popular NBA Teams

With the 2015-16 NBA season underway, we decided to take a look at the billing state for all NBA orders through Nov. 18 to determine the most popular team for each US state. Check out the data below for full details regarding each state's most popular NBA team.


*The Boston Celtics are the most popular in five different states to lead all NBA teams, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers who are the most popular in four states. 

*16 teams are the most popular in more than one state:

Atlanta Hawks Alabama, Georgia
Boston Celtics Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Charlotte Hornets – North Carolina, South Carolina
Chicago Bulls – Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska
Cleveland Cavaliers – Ohio, West Virginia
Denver Nuggets – Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Los Angeles Lakers – Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada
Memphis Grizzlies Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee
Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
New Orleans Pelicans Kentucky, Louisiana
New York Knicks Connecticut, New Jersey, New York
Oklahoma City Thunder Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
Philadelphia 76ers Delaware, Pennsylvania
Portland Trail Blazers Oregon, Washington
Utah Jazz Idaho, Montana, Utah
Washington Wizards Maryland, Virginia



Most Popular NBA Teams By US State
State Most Popular Team Runner Up(s)
Alabama Atlanta Hawks New Orleans Pelicans
Alaska Los Angeles Lakers Sacramento Kings
Arizona Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers
Arkansas Memphis Grizzlies Oklahoma City Thunder
California Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers
Colorado Denver Nuggets Miami Heat
Connecticut New York Knicks Boston Celtics
Delaware Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards
Florida Miami Heat Orlando Magic
Georgia Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat
Hawaii Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers
Idaho Utah Jazz Phoenix Suns
Illinois Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls
Iowa Chicago Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves
Kansas Oklahoma City Thunder Denver Nuggets
Kentucky New Orleans Pelicans Cleveland Cavaliers
Louisiana New Orleans Pelicans Houston Rockets
Maine Boston Celtics Minnesota Timberwolves
Maryland Washington Wizards New York Knicks
Massachusetts Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls/Philadelphia 76ers/New York Knicks
Michigan Detroit Pistons Chicago Bulls
Minnesota Minnesota Timberwolves Phoenix Suns
Mississippi Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans
Missouri Oklahoma City Thunder Memphis Grizzlies
Montana Utah Jazz Phoenix Suns
Nebraska Chicago Bulls Denver Nuggets
Nevada Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers
New Hampshire Boston Celtics New York Knicks
New Jersey New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers
New Mexico Denver Nuggets Phoenix Suns
New York New York Knicks Brooklyn Nets
North Carolina Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls
North Dakota Minnesota Timberwolves Denver Nuggets
Ohio Cleveland Cavaliers Indiana Pacers
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Mavericks
Oregon Portland Trail Blazers Phoenix Suns
Pennsylvania Philadelphia 76ers Cleveland Cavaliers
Rhode Island Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets
South Carolina Charlotte Hornets Atlanta Hawks
South Dakota Minnesota Timberwolves Denver Nuggets
Tennessee Memphis Grizzlies Atlanta Hawks
Texas Houston Rockets San Antonio Spurs
Utah Utah Jazz Los Angeles Clippers
Vermont Boston Celtics New York Knicks
Virginia Washington Wizards Charlotte Hornets
Washington Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers
West Virginia Cleveland Cavaliers Washington Wizards
Wisconsin Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves
Wyoming Denver Nuggets Utah Jazz

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