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NFL Recap Weeks 5 and 6: Our Favorite Games

November 01, 2018

NFL Recap Weeks 5 & 6: Our Favourite Matchups & Their Results

The last few weeks of NFL gameplay has been action-packed as usual. There were teams who made comebacks, players who broke records and much more. As is our custom, we put together a few highlights from the last few weeks below.
Thursday, October 4th
Colts 24 38 Patriots
Sunday, October 7th
Titans 1213 Bills
Falcons 1741 Steelers
Broncos 16 34 Jets
Jaguars 1430 Chiefs
Packers 2331 Lions
Ravens 0912 Browns
Giants 3133 Panthers
Dolphins 1727 Bengals
Raiders 1026 Chargers
Cardinals 2818 49ers
Vikings 2321Eagles
Rams 3331 Seahawks
Cowboys 1619 Texans
Monday, October 8th
Redskins 1943 Saints

Week 5 - Top Recaps

  • New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins - This matchup gave rise to some of the best performances weve seen from Drew Brees and the entire Saints team. Brees went on to set the NFL passing yard record. The Redskins, on the other hand, have to get back to the drawing board. Corner Josh Norman, hasnt had been playing all too great considering hes the highest-paid defensive player on the team. Lets just hope that they figure things out sooner than later.
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars - The Chiefs not only came out on top but also proved that their defense isnt completely shot. If they can pull this off more often, they wont feel the pressure to score on every possession. The Jaguars are counting on Blake Bortles to find some sort of rhythm now that Leonard Fournette and Corey Grant are both out with injuries (hamstring and foot respectively).

Week 6

Thursday, October 11th
Eagles 3413 Giants
Sunday, October 14th
Buccaneers 2934 Falcons
Panthers 1723 Redskins
Seahawks 2703 Raiders
Colts 3442 Jets
Cardinals 1727 Vikings
Steelers 2821 Bengals
Chargers 3814 Browns
Bills 1320 Texans
Bears 2831 Dolphins
Rams 2320 Broncos
Jaguars 0740 Cowboys
Chiefs 4043 Patriots
Monday, October 15th
49ers 3033 Packers

Week 6 - Top Recaps

  • New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs - This was a close matchup, but some notable moments and milestones occurred with the Patriots camp. Stephen Gostkowski hit a 28-yard field goal as the clock dwindled, leading the Patriots to their 43-40 win after Kansas blew their half-time lead. But the star of the night was Tom Brady himself. This win gave TB12 his 200th victory as a starting quarterback and he passed for 340 yards. As for the Chiefs, this game was their first loss of the season.
  • Miami Dolphins vs Chicago Bears - The Dolphins-Bears game was also a close one, but Miami managed to pull through after the Bears lost an 11-point lead. Jason Sanders of the Dolphins scored the winning points thanks to a 47-yard field goal - what Cody Parkey of the Chicago Bears failed to do (he missed a 53-yard kick).

Onto the Next One

It certainly has been an exciting week and things are only going to get more intense as the weeks fly by and bring us ever closer to the Super Bowl. With that said, make sure not to miss a beat. But if you do, you can always come to us for coverage.

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