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Cryptic Messages from Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks Spark Tour Rumors

October 22, 2013 by Amy

Tour Rumors

Generating advance buzz has become a regular occurrence for musicians these days. Fortunately for fans, it tends to serve as an indication that a major announcement is on the way, typically signaling a forthcoming tour, album, or both. See if you can decode any of the messages below, and let the speculation begin!

Lady Gaga
It has been a long year for North American Lady Gaga fans who missed out on the Born This Way Ball Tour after the singer was forced to cancel remaining dates back in February due to injury. However, if some choice tweets are any indication, something new may be brewing just in time for the anticipated release of “ARTPOP” on Nov. 11.

As the date approaches, Lady Gaga has been taking to Twitter to, among other things, foreshadow announcements, which so far has related only to music. The tweet below from Oct. 15 may have been referencing the eventual Oct. 21 release of her latest single, “Do What U Want,” but many outlets have speculated on a much grander scale, such as something more along the lines of a world tour. Stay tuned.


Garth Brooks
Though he’s been “retired” since 2000, Garth Brooks has continued to perform sporadically over the last 13 years, leaving many to remain optimistic that he’ll one day tour again, too. Between often referenced comments from a Dec. 2011 interview with regarding a “return” time frame that would fall in 2014, and some recent activity from Brooks himself, the wait may in fact, soon be over.

On Oct. 18, the following email was sent by Brooks:
“The sevens have aligned. It has begun… Thank you for believing … love, g.”

On top of that, a quick click over to reiterates “It has begun.” So, it’s safe to say, something, is on the way. In the meantime, Brooks has continued to add Las Vegas shows on various weekends, and is still rumored to be appearing at the star-studded George Jones Tribute on Nov. 22.

Instagram has proven to be an acceptable platform for mysterious messages as well, most recently utilized by blink-182 to begin a firestorm of rumors regarding the band’s next move. Since Oct. 19, the majority of Instagrammed pictures from the group’s account have used the design on the cover of blink’s self-titled album, which turns 10 years old in November, as the background image, with text of a song title from the record on top of it. Then, on Oct. 20, the following picture was posted:

It was later discovered through some impressive sleuthing that the top line of numbers represented the date, time, and radio station for what turned out to be a show announcement, while the second line has been said to display the coordinates for the venue, the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, which will host blink-182 on consecutive nights, Nov. 6-7. As later confirmed by the band’s Instagram account, blink will play its entire self-titled album from start to finish for the first time ever during the anniversary shows. While no other news has been announced, there are certainly high hopes that this is just the beginning for what may eventually turn into a full-fledged tour.

U2, Billy Joel Lead 2014 Tour Rumors
While the Internet is undoubtedly a great way to build some momentum, often times, just a simple quote or two is all it takes to shake things up. Various members of U2 have not been shy on releasing details of the band’s long-awaited album, expected to come in early 2014. With it being two years since the band’s massive 360 Tour ended, it has been widely speculated that an extensive venture is all but guaranteed.

Billy Joel also has been notably absent from the tour circuit, but ever since an impromptu show Oct. 17 at the Paramount Theater in Long Island, rumors have been swirling that he’s ready for a return to the road. On the other end of the spectrum, the Rolling Stones embarked on one of the year’s biggest tours earlier in 2013, but already, there’s talk of more to come in 2014, as interviews with band members continues to reveal the group’s desire for more live shows.

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