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Everything You Need to Know About Dan and Phil

March 17, 2016 by Alyssa

Dan and Phil Tour

In Feb. 2016, Dan and Phil announced they would be crossing the Atlantic Ocean for their first North American tour. This news was huge for fans of the internet celebrities, but it left a lot of people puzzled. Who are Dan and Phil, and why is the North American Dan and Phil tour such a big deal?



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To help you understand more about the two loveable lads from Londonl, we’ve made this guide of everything you need to know about Dan and Phil and their long history of vlogging.

Who Are Dan and Phil?

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two British YouTube stars, made famous by their respective YouTube channels, Dan Is Not on Fire and Amazing Phil.

What Do Dan and Phil Do?

Phil was the first of the two to get involved with vlogging on YouTube. He posted his first video in 2006, when he was, by his own admission, bored and “decided to do a video blog instead of a written blog for a change.” Today, Phil has almost 3.5 million subscribers to his channel, in addition to more than 320 million views!


Just last summer Phil celebrated the ninth anniversary of his YouTube channel by commenting on his old videos, including the first video posted above. You can see how much he and his editing styles have changed over the years.


Phil and Dan are best friends, and it was Phil who convinced Dan to start vlogging on YouTube. His first-ever video was simply, and appropriately, titled “HELLO INTERNET.” It was posted in the fall of 2009.


Like Phil, Dan looked back on six years of his channel Dan Is Not on Fire in a video at the beginning of 2015.


What Was the First Video Dan and Phil Did Together?

In 2009, just over a week after Dan posted his first vlog to Dan Is Not on Fire, Dan and Phil collaborated in a video called Phil Is Not on Fire. It was the first of many instances the two sported cat whiskers drawn-on in marker.


The duo collaborated in 2011 on a new YouTube channel called the Super Amazing Project. In each video, Dan and Phil discussed strange facts and paranormal stories, including the Bloody Mary urban legend.


In 2014, Dan and Phil made another YouTube channel, Dan and Phil Games. True to its name, the channel’s videos show the two Brits playing and discussing different video games, including the Sims and Just Dance.


As an April Fool’s Day joke in 2015, the duo made a new channel, Dan and Phil Crafts. The first video posted is the only one on the channel, but over 400,000 people have subscribed!


Where Do Dan and Phil Live?

Dan and Phil currently live as roommates in London, where they continue to vlog regularly and host a weekly radio show for the BBC. Dan originally hails from Wokingham, a suburb about an hour west of London. Phil comes from the northern county of Lancashire, on the northwestern coast of England.

Where Can I Watch Dan and Phil Live?

The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire with Dan and Phil is the wordy name of these stars’ first U.S. tour, scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in the spring of 2016. In total, the tour will make at least 40 stops in 37 North American cities, including two nights each in New York, Toronto, and Chicago.

Check out all the upcoming Dan and Phil tour dates for the year ahead, and be sure to get Dan and Phil tickets to watch their goofy live show for yourself.


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