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Sports Team Face Masks: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL Fans Celebrate Fandom With Team Surgical Face Masks

April 08, 2020 by Stephen Spiewak

Following the CDC recommendation to wear a cloth face covering in public settings, sports fans are already looking to show support for their favorite MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams (and more) with sports team-themed “surgical” masks (or face masks).

In the past few days, numerous people have shared photos online of their sports team face masks, bearing the logo and design of a professional or college sports team.

It seems to be a way for passionate sports fans to celebrate their fandom in the current sports environment where actual games are not taking place and personal protective equipment (PPE) is more popular than ever.

In some instances, team face masks have crossed lines of NFL fandom, as in the case of this Green Pay Packers face mask, that was given as a gift from (presumably) a Bears fan to a Packers fan:

Whereas pro sports Zoom backgrounds soared in popularity in March, it seems like now we will see MLB, NBA and NFL face masks become ubiquitous.

Homemade team face masks are popping up Etsy and Poshmark. One seller on Etsy is offering an array of professional sports team masks that also include a space to add a filter into the mask.

The price?


Poshmark’s offerings are more in the $12-$15 range. Custom face masks are also an option, for fans who might want to represent their high school or college.

For fans who are a little craftier, making a team-themed face mask is not difficult, provided one already has a team towel or t-shirt.

The CFC has an instructional video for creating face masks that can be applied to towels or shirts:

Face masks are not just for fans. In Korea, where professional baseball has resumed, players themselves are donning surgical (non-N95) masks:

NFL Face Masks

NFL face masks and face coverings are now available from a number of providers.

Fanatics offers various team designs, including masks with team name, team logo, or team wallpaper. NFL face masks are also available on Etsy, from various providers.

EBay also lists different NFL facial coverings.

MLB Face Masks

MLB face masks could be even more popular than NFL face masks. Washable MLB face masks are a great option for baseball lovers, because when the MLB returns, fans could attend multiple games in one week. Etsy has plenty of MLB face masks, with filters and elastic.

Plain face masks are available from other sites like Vistaprint, for MLB fans who may want to customize a mask with team decorations.

Vivid Seats is keeping up to date information on when the MLB season will start as well as information on the 2020 NFL schedule.

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