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How Much are Super Bowl Tickets?

December 31, 2018

How Much Do Super Bowl 53 Tickets Cost?

Where did the time go?Super Bowl 53 is right around the corner and the excitement is building up as we move through the playoffs and closer to the big day. Many of you are already making party plans or thinking of whom you should bring over to watch the big game with you. But, there are those who have made the intention to watch the action live at the event itself or at least may be interested in doing so. Naturally, youre probably wondering how much it would cost for a Super Bowl ticket. After all, your credit card rewards wont get you in the stadium.

New England Patriots Super BowlHow Much Do Tickets to the Super Bowl Cost?

If you were to look at the history of Super Bowl ticket prices, youd notice that they range considerably. In some ways, theyre similar to booking flight tickets depending on where and when you buy them. With that said, for Super Bowl 53, the ticket range stands at $3,400-$12,000 and up to $600,000+. Lets break this range down a bit further. The $3,400 price is of course at the lower end of the spectrum and is the entry price to attend the event live. Tickets can go up to $12K for the lower levels offering great views of the action. For the upper end, we see tickets as high as $670,000. This is typical for entire suites with perks such as jerseys, hotel stays, limo service, even meet and greets with players and celebrities.Understandably, its a hefty expense that only a few could experience, but its totally worth every penny. Nevertheless, this is the biggest night in the NFL, and perhaps, the biggest sporting night in America, and for die-hard football fans, the cost is worth it.Generally, the price range for Super Bowl tickets cost between $3,000 and $12,000, so this years range is not really out of the ordinary, although the upper range is quite a bit higher. The heftily priced tickets propel you into an extraordinary suite with plenty of benefits. But that the lower stands is where all the action of the fans is felt the most.Remember, though, that the ranges for tickets change from year to year, including the mean average price for a ticket. They can fluctuate for various reasons, including the venue location, the teams playing, as well as socioeconomic factors. For example, in Super Bowl XLIX, which featured the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, the average ticket price sold for an astounding $4,314. But, in Super Bowls XLV (Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers) and XLVII (Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers), the average ticket prices were $3,561 and $2,478 respectively. All in all, what you get this year isnt what youre going to get next year. Just like the price of gas and groceries, youll notice that theres been an uptick in Super Bowl ticket prices over the years. Thats due in part to the increased viewership and rising production costs of putting the Super Bowl together in the first place.

When Is the Best Time To Buy a Super Bowl Ticket

So now you know the price. But another big question that Super Bowl attendees-to-be have is: When is the best time to buy a ticket?Well, we mentioned before that buying a Super Bowl ticket is kind of like buying a plane ticket. There isnt a definitive time or day when the tickets are guaranteed to be cheaper. With that said, there are some noticeable patterns. For example, its been observed that the Tuesday before the Super Bowl, prices for the tickets tend to drop. But the closer you get to the games, the more erratic sales prices become. If you want to secure good seats, then act quickly, because once the tickets are sold, they might never show up again.For example, sales data from Super Bowl 51 showed resale ticket prices sat at $3,159 five days out from the games. Two days before the games, prices climbed to $3,955. However, just one day out from the Super Bowl, ticket prices dropped to $3,262. So as you can see, the prices are no doubt volatile.

The Long History Of Super Bowl Ticket Prices

If those prices made your eyes widen, the history of these prices might only add to the effect. There were times when Super Bowl prices were considerably less. As much as were seeing ticket prices in the $2,000 to $3,000+ range now, there were times when the tickets were just $12 (in 1967). Inflation plays a role here, and that $12 value would now stand at $90. Nevertheless, $90 for a Super Bowl ticket nowadays would be quite a welcome fee versus a $3,000 one!

From 1967 to 2019: The Price Of Super Bowl Tickets Over the Years

  • 1967: Average ticket price ($12), Adjusted for inflation ($90)
  • 1970: Average ticket price ($15), Adjusted for inflation ($98)
  • 1975: Average ticket price ($20), Adjusted for inflation ($95)
  • 1984: Average ticket price ($60), Adjusted for inflation ($145)
  • 1989: Average ticket price ($100), Adjusted for inflation ($204)
  • 1993: Average ticket price ($175), Adjusted for inflation ($303)
  • 1998: Average ticket price ($275), Adjusted for inflation ($420)
  • 2002: Average ticket price ($400), Adjusted for inflation ($557)
  • 2007: Average ticket price ($700), Adjusted for inflation ($853)
  • 2012: Average ticket price ($1,200), Adjusted for inflation ($1,306)
  • 2018: Average ticket price ($2,500), Adjusted for inflation ($2,500)
Yikes! Thats not necessarily a price jump but more of a leap. It shouldnt come as a surprise though since just about everything you can think of has become more expensive. And as mentioned before, factors such as a growing attendance and viewership, along with the rising costs of hosting the games has made the tickets much more than what they used to be.

A Few Reminders On Super Bowl 53

With so much going on, its hard to keep track of whats going on in the NFL world sometimes. So just in case you cant remember the details of Super Bowl 53 itself, well give you a quick fact sheet on the event.

Super Bowl 53 Quick Facts

From the Home Stage to the Main Stage

So are you looking to upgrade your Super Bowl experience this year? Do you actually want to make sit at the arena instead of on a couch? Well, look no further - weve got you covered. Weve got Super Bowl 53 tickets here! It goes without saying that sitting in a Super Bowl stadium is an experience that no living room can bring, and attending one should be on every football fans bucket list.

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